With the whole world thriving under the pressure of the coronavirus, it is obvious that many people are succumbing to stress-related issues. As more and more unexpected events are unfolding, people have started panicking and feeling more stressed. It is becoming more difficult to deal with stress with the current situation of unlock process happening. With the continuous juggling between work, family, economic crisis, many people have started adversely affecting their health due to excessive stress.

Since it is still uncertain when the situation will be back to normal, people must pay more attention to manage their stress and do not let their health suffer because of it. This article aims to help people combat stress during such difficult and uncertain times. We target to provide you with a few stress- management activities which one can enjoy with their family while staying at home. Alongside managing anxiety levels, it is also essential that you take care of yourself and your family and surroundings by adopting numerous such methods.

1. Exercise

With the gyms closed, many fitness enthusiasts are freaking out about their regular training routine. However, it is possible to work out at home without even requiring gym equipment. Physical activities are often said to reduce stress by releasing anti-stress hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. An increase in amounts of these hormones helps a person to release stress and anxiety. Numerous exercises including aerobics walks, yoga, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) are possible to follow at home. There are various YouTube videos by dieticians and trainers through which one can work out at home using the technology.

2. Get Creative

Sitting at home idle throughout the day can result in the reduction of a person’s creativity and productivity, which might be a cause of stress. Therefore, one must engage in creative activities like painting, singing or dancing, or even cooking for that matter. Utilize the quarantine period to embrace yourself and your hobbies. Researches show that when a person is doing the work he is good at and enjoys doing it, he experiences a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. Surrounding yourself with such positivity is important during such times to help manage your stress.

3. Eat Healthy

Many people not being able to visit gyms have no way of burning the excess calories that they consume regularly, thus resulting in weight gain and various such health issues. Therefore one should focus and keep a check on his diet and nutrient intake. A highly nutritious food keeps you Active throughout the day without any excessive gain of calories. Try to eat as healthy as possible and avoid all sorts of processed and high-carb food. Make sure you do not indulge in any sorts of bad drinking or eating habits as they might make you stress more.

4. Get Enough Rest

With the whole world fighting in various ways with this pandemic, it is natural you might feel exhausted. Therefore, it becomes important to rest your body enough after a tiring day. Get good and profound sleep of around 8 hours to feel refreshed when you wake up. Make sure you stay away from products like alcohol or caffeine before you go to bed as they can cause a disturbance in your sleep routine. Try to develop new bedtime habits like reading or bathing which may help you sleep better. A well-rested body has the energy and willpower to combat all the tasks and stress associated with them without getting exhausted.

There are numerous such ways one can manage stress during a pandemic. Follow a regular routine and combine physical activities and hobbies to distract yourself from all the awaiting stress. Spend time with your family and enjoy various such
activities together. Studies show that the more time you spend with your loved one less likely you’re prone to stress and anxiety-related issues. Moreover, a person can seek professional help if required, as many psychologists and therapists are ready to guide you through. Stay safe and take care of yourself and your family by supporting each other through these difficult times.


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