How to plan your Capoeira Training at home

Capoeira Training improves your strength, flexibility and technique. To become good at capoeira, you should train continuously and master the basic and intermediate techniques. You can also plan your training at home if you don’t have time to join Capoeira Academy.

How to practice Capoeira Training at home

Warm up

You’ve to warm up about 10-15 minutes before and after the session. Do a warm-up stretch and, when you’re done for the day, do a cool-down stretch.


Becoming more flexible will make you better at capoeira and improve your kicks, dodges, and strikes. Stretch regularly and don’t focus on just one limb or muscle group. Stretch your head, neck, and shoulders while rolling them properly.

Without bending your knees, reach for the toes. Hold the position for ten seconds.

Warm up your knees, legs and arms

Do lunges and squats for the legs.Stand on one leg and pull your knee straight up to your belly. Hold that position for ten seconds, then switch to your other leg.

Do some push ups and arm rolls for the arms and hands warm up. Interlock your fingers and push them high over and behind your head as far as they will go. Keeping your fingers interlaced, bend at the waist and bring them down to the floor.

Improve your reflexes

There are several reflex-building training exercises which you can do alone. Punching a double end punching bag or an causes them to bounce back and forth. Working with one demands that you match your strikes to the rhythm of the bag. Doing so can improve your aim, timing, and accuracy on the roda( a type of technique in Capoeira).

Practice several types of kicks and strikes etc in order to make improvements in stances.

If you’ve partner then that would be great. Get your partner to do pad work with you. Pad work is common in boxing and involves a partner slipping large, flat pads over his/her hands, then swinging them close to your body and head so that you can strike.

Face off against others who are at a similar skill level as you in the roda. Practicing on the roda regularly will help you gain confidence and put your capoeira training to practical use.

If you follow the given stretching exercise regularly then you will become good capoeiristas.


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