International Federation of Bodybuilding and fitness. It is an international professional sport governing body for bodybuilding and fitness. And being in a bodybuilding career everyone would want to go in IFBB. 

And if someone wants to take part in IFBB they need proper training and lessons to stand with many other competitors. 

  1. Be Motivated – The first thing that everyone should absorb in themself is motivation. Many times due to lack of motivation the participants start giving up. Just seeing other victory stories never will give victory to you. Staying highly motivated for your goals is very important.
  2. Discipline – It something without which no one can achieve anything. Staying loyal to your efforts. Doing the things at the exact time when they are set. Going lazy won’t work. Avoiding and delaying never take you where you wanted to.
  3. Be prepared – if you are practicing for becoming a champion, then be ready to face a loss too. Neither the overconfidence nor the underconfidence is great. Just focus on giving your best. And when the time comes to pick the trophy in the air.

This was just the basis for the beginning of any new thing.

  1. Diet plan – Protein, calcium, vitamins, and nutrition are vital for the body. A full prove body diet plan for becoming a bodybuilder and preparing for IFBB is required. If you are a newbie, don’t increase your intake of protein and nutrition suddenly. Take time and give time to your body to work accordingly and fall into the framework that is required. Or if you are already a bodybuilder who is working out either maintain your diet for the same or introduce new and demanded supplements in the diet.   
  2. Training and Gyming – Again if you are a newbie, then don’t overwork yourself from the beginning. Take things easy. And if you are already in the intermediaries stage, then it’s time to make it harder. You need to tear apart our capability daily. Hire an experienced person from the field, let his/her experience make you aware, and update from his past mistake or other’s mistake or in what they lack or other lack for achieving the name in IFFB.  
  3. Smart Work – Not only hard work but also smart work works. Smart work is a bonus plus point which most people lack. Knowing the science of building the body. Understanding the structure or technique of the body. Cause push doesn’t help where the pull is required, and pull doesn’t work where the push is required.
  4. Yoga – Doing a workout to its peak is the main part, but doing yoga can help you mentally and physically. Through yoga, your muscles will get enough oxygen and keep your body safe from the harmful side effect supplement that you will intake. It will also heal your injured muscles and promote your energy level keeping. Your mind will also remain calm.


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