Arthritis is famous for giving joint pain. Therefore hands joint especially knuckles and wrist become the major victim. The joints lose their capability and flexibility to perform their duty and bring the pain in the joints.

These days arthritis is not limited to people at an old age, even young people are getting exposed to arthritis. 

Gripping anything, typing on the keyboard, writing with a pen or pencil, gives uncomfortable and stiffness and pain. Doing things with hands becomes difficult almost giving the feeling of getting paralyzed. 

If concerned steps are taken and self-care is put as the priority then this hell-like ill disease will be defeated. And the most effective way is to exercise.

1. Hand Clenching – Moving fingers towards the palm, nails tip touching the middle of the palm. This keeps the knuckles in the movement maintaining flexibility. It will generate fiction and prevent arthritis from getting worse. You can do this anywhere, sitting at the dining table, talking with friends, or using mobile. No specific time is required. 

2. Ball Excercise – Clenching the ball like there is no tomorrow,  It is like clenching the hands into a fist and then realizing back. Keep the ball in your pocket and perform your exercise whenever you feel like to, feel free to do anytime, but do it. Pardon some time for ball exercise. It helps the tissue of hand joints. 

4. Clay Play – Clay is a hard yet soft bun of soil. We all know what clay is, Children;’s favorite game. Playing with clay and making any kind of structure even though you are not good at things, but still the hand action and process that will occur while playing with the clay will keep your hands active and prevent the chance of getting clay. 

5. Gardening – It is also counted as a spiritual way of getting healed. Anway By gardening meant taking care of a small garden in your backyard, terrace, room. When hands keeping coming in contact with rich soil even that also help to keep hand pretty fine. Again all the actions that hand will perform in doing gardening will keep your hand fit and fine. 

The main thing you notice is that moment is required, keeping your hands active and moving in every way will eventually decrease the chance of getting arthritis and by chance, if arthritis has entered into the body it can help to fight against the pain and provide relief.  


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