Ever head someone saying, “When you are tired, get some rest. When you are sad, go
ahead and cry. It’s okay to take a break. Then one day, there surely will come a day when
you will run again.”
Rest is very important in life. And it is perfectly fine to stop and take a rest. Whether you are
emotionally frustrated, physically tired, or anything, stop and look back and feel proud of self,
that you came so far.
Resting helps to relax, peace, and a Shoo!! Of all anxiety and problems.
Bodybuilders are also required to take rest, It helps the body to deal with internal problems
and make a person more strong than the previous day.
Not giving a body rest can lead to dangerous and terrible injury or disease.
Yes, many people will argue that training for seven days in a weak is best and might be for
your body it could be, but the same thing doesn’t work on everyone, might you or someone
you know isn’t that capable right now.
1. Recovering – Resting can give your body a great comeback with more strength.
When you rest, your muscles get time to cover-up with drainage of nutrition and
power. Cells and tissues heal themselves.
2. Prevent Injuries – Most of the time bodybuilders don’t realize how badly they hurt
themselves and keep overworking, but when they rest the pain either warn them or
gets chances to get heal, or getting further hurt.
3. Improve performance – When you will rest, your body will become more strong with
the power they store and will give the best.
4. Enjoyment of a day – You can enjoy your whole day by doing whatever you wish for,
a small trip with a friend, family dinner, binge-watch, etc. it will make you feel happy
from inside and motivate you to do the best.
5. Peaceful sleep – Doing workouts make your body release boosting hormones like
cortisol and adrenaline and the presence of these hormones can lead to a problem
of sleeping. So, to maintain balance rest is important.
Note – Nothing is well more than a limit.
Even you are very much addicted to your daily routine of being a bodybuilder, you can do
normal cardio exercise, or can go running, you can also join yoga and meditation in your rest
day routine.
Give your body time to cope with your workout dedication, cause many time will power falls
weak in front of physical power.


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