What is WBFF?

WBFF stands for world beauty fitness and fashion. It is found by a professional athlete, Paul Dillett. It is one of the few bodybuilding organizations created by a professional athlete. They aim to become an industry leader by providing competitors with marketing opportunities to grow as athletes.

The goal of WBFF is to merge music, fashion, beauty, and fitness. Not only that, but they want to support their partners to promote health, fashion, and entertainment. The WBFF seeks to raise the standards in the industry by being professional and honest. They are not just a fitness organization. But rather they view themselves as a brand that wants to support their athletes to reach the next level in the sport of bodybuilding.

The WBFF uses its connections with different partners to provide each of its athletes with sponsorship and other marketing opportunities. Their events are of the most well-produced shows in the fitness industry.

So, how do you start training for WBFF competition?

In order to participate in any competition, you need critical planning, discipline, hard work, and more. However, WBFF demands more commitment due to the proper form and bodies’ criteria involved.

So, it is essential to follow these steps to start training and prepping for it:

Plan to create time for training:

Before you begin your fitness training for the WBFF, go and ask former contestants how much time they dedicate to training every day. The answer will better prepare your mind. You will have to spend more than two hours a day. That too, every day of the week.

Meanwhile, creating time for your training might mean that you will have to be committed to your training sessions even after a stressful day. You should also be ready to be faithful to eating only healthy meals as prescribed by fitness experts. Your preparation may also include getting training outfits, practicing different posing styles.

Search for the right gym:

WBFF competitions need a more experience eyed approach. As a result, you need to find the right gym for your training sessions. Not all gyms are created equally. If you are going to a gym, be sure it has the right equipment for your bodybuilding exercises. Generally, competition-level powerlifting can’t be performed in just any gym.

There is more to a gym than just the equipment. You need knowledgeable nutrition advice. Along with an experienced coach/trainer who has all the physical amenities to help you in your training.

Nutrition is the Epitome:

Meal prep

Apart from working out consistently, you cannot ignore proper sports nutrition. This means that you have to meticulously plan your diet in proportions. You also need to track your vitamin and minerals and observe your calorie intake and the likes.

With ingesting bodybuilding supplements, you may find it surprising to know that you can achieve the benefits by sticking to a proper diet. However, supplements shouldn’t be taken blindly but rather with proper advice.

Be disciplined with your diet to lose all that bulging fat:

What you eat is as much important as the training itself. Your diet is an essential part of your preparation for the WBFF. To get a lean, rippled, defined, and muscular body, you would have to watch your diet carefully. A few of the nutritional tips include:
Eating much protein and healthy carbs
Drinking more water (up to 5 litres every day)
Eating a lot of vegetables and more

Be Mentally prepared to make necessary expenses:

When people tell me they want to contest at the WBFF, one of the most important questions I ask them is: Can you finance it? As you are preparing for the competition, know that some necessary, unavoidable expenses will come out of your pocket. Initially, it may not seem much, but you will realize how much is involved when you start paying for one thing after the other. A few of the necessary expenses may include:
Registration fees for competitions
Travel expenses
Nutrition/posing coaching fees and more.
Gym membership fees
Food and supplements
Training outfits etc.

Now get training! Altogether by following the above tips.

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