Have you ever asked the question to a person “HEY!! How do you lose your body eight?” or “HEY!!! What’s the secret of your glowing skin?”

Not knowing what blah blah blah they tell, but one thing common you get to listen to them saying, “OH!!! And staying hydrated is very very important.

What does staying hydrate means?

Nothing special, staying hydrated means never letting your body feel like lacking in water consumption. 

But how does the body should feel like it is not lacking in having water molecules?

Water –  Surprise!!! Surprise!!! But no surprise. What else a person will look for the first thing to stay hydrated. WATER is the main source through which the body remains hydrated. Don’t wait for your thirst to provoke you to drink water. Drinking water at every fixed period of time in a day. Almost eight glasses of water in a day is a must. 

Fruits – Fruits always act as a savior. Fresh fruits not only provide the proper amount of water but also nutritions and minerals in grat amount. Which benefits the body and keeps the body fresh and keeps going every time.  Order to get more hydrate with fruits is to either take them in juice form or prepare them in a smoothie. 

Lemon Water – Lemon water not only helps in losing weight but also keeping the body away from dehydration. Water will maintain its level in the body, while Lemon water keeps the body hydrated. 

Too Hot Stay Home – Try to avoid going out when the sun is heating the earth too much. The body insanely gets affected by sun rays, tanning your body, exploring skin cancer, etc. The body gets dehydrated at an epic rate when the sun is at the top, especially at the time of noon and afternoon. 

Taking Bath – In summer no one avoids taking bath, but in winter it is hard. But taking bath can keep the body hydrated. Not only from internal but when the skin pores when directly come in contact with water, keep the body hydrated. 

NOTE – Body doesn’t dehydrate in the summer season, In winter also body faces a lacking of water, as in winter people don’t feel thirsty that much and avoids drinking water and this leads to dehydration.
Juices – In the market, we see packed juice is available for different and famous brands. Drinking them also keeps the body hydrated and also works in an emergency. It can act as a supplement to original juice as not everyone doesn’t have enough time to get fresh juice daily, so they can lean on packed juice. 


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