You must have gone through the reality talent shows where it is seen that some participants come and lift a variety of heavy objects. And this had left all of us bewildered by the training they would have gone through. Well, these participants are what Strongmen are.

Strongman is a person who lifts heavy weights like cars, refrigerators, vans and many other things. This act of weightlifting is popularly known as Strength Athletics or Strongman Competitions. Back in the 19th century, this was usually performed in a circus or a fair to showcase strength. These talents now are being recognised under Strongman competitions. Furthermore, in these athletics, every participant has to lift the heaviest possible weights according to their muscular capability. The one who lifts the heaviest wins the title of Strongman.

In earlier times, Strongmen used to lift weights in circuses and markets to earn money through their strength. One would break the strong iron chains while the other one would hold a car from running. All kinds of strength related sports came under this category. In the twentieth century, things changed and this gained fame worldwide. There are many tournaments held on national and international levels.

How To Train Like A Strongman

Training like a strongman needs immense dedication and determination. There are many things that one needs to keep in mind while training like a strongman. Firstly, they need to go for extreme muscle building and bodybuilding. For this, you can contact a neighborhood gym. If not gym, then you can try in your home with a few required equipment.

Secondly, you have to build strong contacts in the field of athletics. You must have a strong social media profile so that you can have a great audience with you. The third point is the most important of all the other points. It says that you need to develop a strong body by practicing exercises like squats, deadlifts and many more. Practicing these exercises without any gap would surely help you with achieving what you want.

Also, keep in mind the kind of food you are intaking. One should take at least 10,000 calories a day in order to promote immense muscular gain.

Examples of Strongman events

  1. Car flip
  2. Deadlift
  3. Hercules Hold
  4. Farmers walk
  5. Power stairs
  6. Squats
  7. Vehicle pull
  8. Frame carry

Honorable Strongmen From World’s Strongest Man

  1. Jouko Ahola
  2. Raimonds Bergmanis
  3. John Gamble
  4. Eddie Hall
  5. Bill Kazmaier
  6. Louis Cyr
  7. Donald Dinnie


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