Zinc the whole world also know as Zn living a life of metal. So how this metal living life helps our skin. 

Well, brief knowledge about Zinc protecting our body by keeping our immune system strong.

Zinc present in a key cell is the first one to respond against any infection occurring in the body. ZInc is beneficial cause it prevents excess inflammation. The deficiency of zinc affects two billion people worldwide.

Zinc takes care of three hundred enzymes on the body which immediately broke down including protein and produce some bacteria and various that fight against those unwanted viruses and infection. 

Zinc deficiency ultimately leads to the immune system so definitely taking zinc can keep the immune system strong and protected.

Our skin is already living on the property of zinc. Zinc keeps your skin glowing from the inside.

Zinc act as antioxidants and also a dietary defense squad. Zinc prevents the damaging of free radicals and protects fibroblasts (the cell that makes collagen). 

The first mineral that comes to heal you whenever you get a cut or wound is zinc also keep fighting against the outside bad virus and bacteria getting support from enzymes which zinc control and also activate the protein.  

Zinc controls the inflammation and whenever the skins get pop up with pimples leaving block pores sometimes leading the skin to turn red and swollen, here zinc produce fresh cell which reduces the natural extra oil from the skin.

Zinc can be the best sunscreen that anyone can ask for. It blocks the UV rays from penetrating the skin. It acts as a shield against the sun’s harmful rays. And therefore you must have seen many brands advertising their sunscreen bragging about the presence of zinc in their product.

Not only in sunscreen but also in shampoos and conditioners. Zinc keeps the scalp away from dandruff or even if having dandruff tends to decrease their presence from the scalp. Dandruff is a very common problem that everyone complains about. 

By maintaining the inflammation and acting as a shield for the skin. Zinc is also helped in surpassing the ace present over in the skin. It produces sebum and acne-fighting bacteria. 
Sources of zinc are red meat and poultry, dairy products, nuts, beans, whole grains and fortified breakfast cereals, some seafood, such as crab and lobster


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