It is often seen that the Olympic athletes have the highest level of fitness. And so is their preparation. They go through immense amounts of pain and suffering to get that perfect muscular body. But have you every thought of the ways by which they attain that level of hardcore body ? Have you ever wondered what kind of training they have to undergo ?

The answer to your questions is just a word: Hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is a process by which a person increases their muscle mass by profound cell multiplication. There is an increase in the number of muscle cells. And so is there an increase in strength and power. But how can hypertrophy take place ? Let’s find out.

How Hypertrophy Takes Place ?

This process takes place using two mechanisms: damage to muscles and work load more than metabolic rate. In the first one, when an athlete lifts a heavy weight, their muscles contract and sends a signal to the brain. The brain responds to it by starting a repairing mechanism to heal and repair it. During the process of repairing, there is formation of new cells. This formation results in profuse increase in muscle cells.

In the latter process, the muscle fibres get into a state of fatigue because of work pressure caused due to weightlifting. This creates a shortage of ATP within the fibres. When this happens constantly, it leads to an increase in muscle mass.  More the tension on the muscles, the more is the gain. The tension exerted on the muscles leads to muscle gain.

Hypertrophy For Olympic Weightlifting

Hypertrophy plays a crucial role in Olympic weightlifting. This is a great way to get the fittest body ever. It has gained worldwide popularity in the market of weightlifting and bodybuilding. Not only this, but it is also said to be the most effective way to remove fat from the body and build giant muscles. In simple words, this has become the staple routine of almost every weightlifter.

Benefits of Hypertrophy

It is operative on muscular injuries. If done properly and under appropriate guidance, it can prevent painful cramps in the muscle tissues.

It targets overall strength. Infact, it specifically acts on bigger muscles, making them more stronger and durable.

It helps in the synthesis of recovery hormones like HGH. They are important as they heal the muscle fibres to get the body back into its original form.


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