Is Capoeira the secret to fitness?

While working out in the gym is not easy and definitely not for everyone. The same fitness routine can rather get boring or you want something more thrilling and new as part of your fitness regime. Capoeira may be the right one for you.

What is Capoeira?

It is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music. It has acrobatic and complex manoeuvres, often involving hands on the ground and inverted kicks. Further improvisation in Capoeira is very difficult because, unlike other arts that you cannot practice alone, this needs to be improvisation with another person.

Martial art

Capoeira is fast and versatile martial art that focuses on fighting a large number of people or at a technological disadvantage. Ginga is the fundamental movement in it which involves swinging back and forth as an attack and defense form. Capoeira has two main objectives first is that the capoeirista always stays in a state of motion to prevent being vulnerable to the attacker. The second is to fool the opponent by misleading him and leaving him open for an attack. Capoeiristas wear a uniform consisting of white pants or abada and a t-shirt with the academy’s logo. The pant is secured by a belt or cordao which has a specific color based on their level of experience, beginners receive a green cordao and the level goes up according to his skills displayed at an annual batizado and troca de graduacoes.

Capoeira as part of the fitness regime

Capoeira isn’t for everyone due to the risk of injury and the intensity of workout. Even though there is no physical contact involved it is very demanding for the body. People who enjoy this sport has a reputation of becoming consumed by its culture and unique form of art. Intense Capoeira practice can require enormous amounts of energy. With constant repetition of movements and techniques, making Capoeira a valuable cardio exercise that can boost endurance. One can also see improvement in strength, flexibility, and stamina, thus improving your overall fitness.


Capoeira is a beautiful sport and if you don’t mind the intense sessions as well as the culture it can be a fun way to stay fit and burn calories at the same time. Since it is a dynamic aerobic workout you may find yourself pretty sore the next day after class.

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