Is Circuit Training Best For Fat Loss ?

With the invention of technology, our lives have become stagnant. Although it makes things easier, we have become lazy. Lack of physical activities, sitting at one place is a very problematic situation. This made our bodies bulky and fatty. Despite this, there is always a way to stay fit. And this is possible only through exercises. One such form of exercise for busy people is circuit training for easy fat loss.

circuit training for fat loss

Exercise is an essential part of our lives. Being at one place makes our lifestyle sedentary and boring. Enough physical activity in the body helps in so many ways. It not only keeps us fit, but it also ensures longevity. There are many kinds of workout that you can do no matter how busy you are. One of them is circuit training.

Circuit Training is in which there are a set of exercises. These exercises are placed in an order for a specific duration. Also, there are intervals in between. As the name suggests, it works like a circuit. One should perform these exercises as per the sequence. Consequently, they form a cycle and complete the circuit of training.

These training sessions are of short duration. They consist of about 6-8 exercises. Each segment is consists of about 10-20 seconds in the beginning. One can increase the duration with time. The rest duration between the exercises is usually 10-20 seconds. For instance, squats, lunges, wall pushups, plank, etc. fall under this category.

Circuit Training For Fat Loss

Circuit training indeed provides a lot of benefits. But one of its top gains is easy fat loss. Many people are profited through circuit training. It creates wonders when it comes to fat loss, toning your muscles. Lets see why circuit training is best for fat loss.

  • Since circuit training involves a fixed duration, this works as an anaerobic form of workout. They constantly put pressure on your affected areas. It happens till you reach your lactate threshold. After that, it stops and lets you take a break. This intensity change leads to effective fat loss.
  • With this fast paced life, people have literally forgotten to exercise. When you choose circuit training, you are choosing speed. Yes, you read it right. A complete session hardly takes 10 minutes to get completed. It efficiently manages your time. Therefore, it proves to be the best for fat loss.
  • Circuit training is actually fun to perform. When you jump into a session, you actually enjoy rather than getting bored. This way, you can easily burn fat without having to spend hours getting into a perfect shape. 


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