Is Dukan Diet Bad?

Is Dukan Diet Bad

The Dukan diet is comparable to the Atkins diet, which is a ketogenic eating plan that emphasises high fat and protein intake while limiting carbohydrate intake.

The Dukan diet, on the other hand, is even more restricted than the Atkins diet. Except for the small amount of oat bran allowed at first, even low-carb vegetables like spinach and cabbage are forbidden. The fat intake is also strictly regulated, unlike Atkins. Eggs, steaks and chops are also prohibited.

The low-carbohydrate diet was first popularised in France, where it was known as the “Je ne sais pas maigrir” diet (I don’t know how to lose weight).

The Dukan Diet: How It Works

The body burns glucose instead of fat when carbohydrate reserves are abundant. In order to drive the body to transition from burning carbs to burning fat, ketogenic diets maintain a low carbohydrate intake. An buildup of ketones might create difficulties and result in the ketosis symptoms. Their present weight, their goal weight and their fitness level determine how long they continue on the programme.

The diet consists of four stages, which are briefly explained in the following sections.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Dukan Diet


  • Losing weight quickly may be quite motivating.
  • It’s not necessary to weigh your food.
  • No need to keep track of calories
  • Diets with strict rules can be highly effective.
  • Because of the limited options, meal preparation may be made much easier.
  • Sugary and fatty refined and processed foods are removed.
  • You’ve got rid of the booze.
  • On this diet, fat and salt intake are considerably decreased, which is excellent for your health.
  • In the fourth stage, celebrating meals increases adherence.


  • Fat burning occurs when you switch from carbohydrate to fat burning. This produces ketones, which can cause bad breath and dry mouth.
  • Dr. Dukan recommends individuals to entirely avoid hard activity during the attack period since they may feel so exhausted.
  • Constipation can result from avoiding all carbs except for oat bran.
  • Prices for protein-rich food tend to be higher than those for carbs, fruit, or veggies
  • The diet does not teach people how to eat a healthy, balanced diet

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