“Is it possible for a male to become an IFBB pro naturally?” – asked

“And if it was possible, would anyone believe that he was natural?” – replied

IFBB, International Federation bodybuilding, and fitness.

Seeing the bodies of the bodybuilder, the high toned body, expanded muscles, bulging nerves, look so strong, and thought are they even real. 

IFBB has to select bodybuilders on the guideline which are equal to the superpower of superman which are not easy to approach and therefore people who achieve that is not believed that they are natural. 

But who are natural bodybuilders?

The natural bodybuilders are that Natural bodybuilding is a bodybuilding movement with various competitions that take place for bodybuilders who abstain from performance-enhancing drugs. And if bodybuilder able to present their build-up body as per the requirement and guidelines that they are competing is called natural bodybuilders.

They don’t depend upon some kind of drugs that grow their hormones or which build their body and also for that they have to cross drug test. To prove that they are doing naturally not with the help of any kind of outer stuff. To keep the game and play fair. 

Answer to the question “is IFBB pro is natural or not?” 

So the answer is maybe or maybe not. But most of them or say only a few of them must be in maybe not. 

Their body looks unreal, but they are a real cause of their hard work and techniques. But it is also true that it is possible they intake some drugs for the body but at a limited amount, not enjoying the heavy dosage.  

You never know, what a person is doing and how is doing. 

“not currently on steroids and other drugs at this very moment… at least not the ones that can be detected by a lame drug test at a bodybuilding show.” – The real story

But we consider every IFBB bodybuilder natural cause drugs out in the market may build their body like a bodybuilder, but the side effects from those drugs are more dangerous than their advantages. These drugs can even destroy their body at some age or time. ANd this tread could easily stop true bodybuilder to take this risk, until unless the greed for a short time gets turn on.

 Bodybuilders calm about being natural but there is a simple way someone can prove it. It is just judging part of the human, either to accept their body is natural or they depended themself on some kind of drugs. 

So if the real answer to the question is “you never know” Manipulating is easy, while believing the truth is hard. 


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