Is It Good To Not Eat Salt ?

Salt is one of the staple ingredients of the meal prep in every household. But, is it good to not eat salt ? It is said that excess of everything is harmful. So, salt is important, but in limitation. Too much of this white mineral could lead to cardiovascular problems along with high blood pressure. Moreover, it could contribute to heart strokes when taken in excess.

Commonly known as Sodium Chloride (NaCl), it is an important mineral of every kitchen. It is obtained from the sea. Also, it is derived in the crystalline form of rock salt. This salt may be harmful for our health. Thus, after proper treatment with iodine, it is available in the market as table salt. 

is it good to not eat salt

Salt is useful for many purposes in food. It plays an important role in food seasoning. Furthermore, salt is functional for preservation purposes. One stores fish, meat, pickles by dissolving them with a large amount of salt. Also, it is handy for de-icing. Taking iodised salt on a daily basis cures the iodine deficiency in the body.

Is It Good To Not Eat Salt In Excess ?

We all know the health benefits of NaCl. Also, it has a great role in industry activities. Having adequate amounts of this mineral can be very beneficial. But is it not good to eat salt in excess ? Yes, it is not okay to have excessive salt in your diet. Lets see the underlying points from the World Health Organisation.

  • WHO suggests that one should intake less than 5 grams of salt on a daily basis. This quantity is enough to keep your iodine levels under check. Plus, it reduces the risk of getting cardiac arrests and strokes.
  • High consumption of sodium is harmful for health. It can easily contribute to high BP (blood pressure). Also, it is bad for your cardiovascular system.
  • Reduction in salt intake is the wisest option of the present generation. Undoubtedly, it brings down the level of your daily grocery budget. But another important thing is that it can improve your health to great levels. Infact, salt reduction is a sign of longevity and healthy life. 
  • Avoid processed foods. Processed foods have a high amount of sodium in it. This sodium enters the body and leads to dehydration, fat gain, heart attacks and many related problems. For instance, red meat, bacon, chips fryums, noodles, pizza, etc. have high salt content and one should avoid at all costs.

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