Is it safe to take testosterone boosters?

Testosterone boosters or supplements are designed to increase testosterone levels in the body. Before we ask ourselves whether testosterone boosters are safe, we should be asking whether the ingredients themselves that are in the products safe and free of side effects or what effects can it have on our body’s natural hormonal balance.


The ingredients

The herbal derivatives and plant based ingredients that you normally find in natural testosterone boosters are all pretty safe compounds with relatively few side effects. Some examples of common ingredients include Testofen and Testosurge, both which are derived from the Fenugreek plant. Tribulus Terrestris, another common ingredient, is an annual plant, and Tongkat Ali also known as longjack or Eurycoma longifolia is a flowering plant. KSM-66 a fairly new ingredient making its way into the natural test boosters is derived from a herb known as Ashwagandha. Now, there are other ingredients such as Zinc monomethionine and various vitamins but the herbal ones are pretty standard and safe compounds too.

Safety of testosterone boosters

When looking at the safety of the boosters, we often worry about how taking a natural testosterone booster might impact their body’s hormonal levels to the point where they have to worry about taking an estrogen blocker or whether the body’s ability to manufacture testosterone on its own may be compromised after completing a cycle with a natural test booster.
Here’s the good news, you don’t have to worry about any of the issues with a natural booster because the few herbal supplements that actually have some supporting clinical evidence to show that they elevate testosterone levels, they don’t elevate it very much and certainly not the super-physiological levels that anabolic steroids do. In other words, natural test boosters might boost your test levels to a few points here and there, but they’ll still be very much within the normal range. So, these issues are not something to worry about but one thing you should worry about is contamination. There’s actually nothing much we can do but be aware of the brand and check out websites like consumer to be sure what’s on the label is what’s inside the bottle.

What to avoid?

Over the counter testosterone boosting products can make tempting promises such as to restore muscle mass, sexual function and overall vitality. But, proceed with caution as this can be fatal and instead cause serious health risks and most ingredients don’t actually increase testosterone levels too.

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