Is swimming a good substitute for running?

Cardiovascular exercises are exercises that consist of low to high intensity that require an adequate amount of oxygen supply to muscles. Cardiovascular exercises are excellent ways to burn calories and boost muscle fitness. Swimming and running are excellent forms of aerobic activity. 

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Are you a runner and now are looking for an option to switch things up? Swimming seems like an option, but you’re confused about whether it is a good substitute for running? Well, this article covers everything you need to know.

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So which is better? 

Calories/Weight Loss 

According to research, both activities burn around the same amount of calories. While commonly this is the case, the factors influencing calorie burn are numerous – age, gender, current weight, etc. Therefore, alternating between the two can actually give you better results than estimated. Both the exercises work out the entire body and are an excellent option for some serious weight loss. 

Advantages of Swimming 

  1. Swimming boosts heart performance, promotes strength and tones the muscles of the body. Additionally, it remains a zero or low-impact exercise that causes the muscle and body to relax all while burning calories.  It’s an excellent recovery sport. 
  2. Joints – Swimming has very little effect on joints. In fact, studies show how swimming is recommended with those with arthritis and joint pain. You can push your body without causing it any serious wear and tear. 

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Advantages of Running 

  1. Running tones your body like no other. The faster you run, the more you torch your calories. Exercises like running and jogging work against gravity and are excellent forms of weight-bearing activity. 
  2. You don’t require a lot to go on a run, just a pair of good running shoes and that’s about it. You can do it anywhere you want to. 

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Take away

Therefore, choosing the best option comes down to your health and your goals. The main determining difference between running and swimming is the impact it has on the body. While running pounds the body out, swimming is an extremely chill sport. Hence, if you are a runner, I do not think swimming will be an absolute substitute. This is simply because your body gets used to running, only when you run. However, it can be an excellent practice for active recovery.  

Likewise, if you are someone just looking to burn some calories then picking either one will do you good. Both swimming and running are excellent

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