Is Variable resistance training better?

Variable resistance training is adding a chain or an elastic band to a traditional barbell workout. The benefits are multifold, it can be used to improve the rate of force production, coordination between antagonistic and synergistic muscles, improvement of motor units and reduce the drop in force product produced in the sticking region of a range of motion, it means we allow our bodies to become more challenged especially in the core and the muscles that are opposite of the primary mover and those that help in stabilizing the joint.

Variable Resistance Training

Benefits of Variable Resistance Training

Variable Resistance Training can drastically improve our performance and overall strength. While training with variable resistance chains and bands are generally used, the resistance can change constantly. It has been proven to support the development of explosive power and muscle hypertrophy. It also improves in mind and muscle connection which also helps in stronger contraction, VRT also prevents exercise injuries.

• VRT using barbell attached to a chain or band showed improvement in maximal strength and performance both in athletes with different sport backgrounds and untrained subjects. Groups that followed VRT patterns were found to have better power and velocity.

• It also showed improved explosiveness as it targets the fast-twitch muscles, leading to the development of explosive power, size gain, and increased metabolism for weight loss.

• VRT is not only confined to providing variable resistance but also variable assistance. While looking at lifters they are much stronger at the lockout position in comparison to the starting position, it is when variable assistance makes those few reps possible by providing maximum support at the bottom of the movement.

• Your muscles tend to be naturally stronger at certain parts of a lift while some are prone to injuries. Incorporating chains or bands will help in preventing injuries during the weakest part of the lift.

• Using of bands and chains during training helps in stronger muscle contraction and activation by increasing resistance.


VRT has shown positive results in increasing strength and power, while also increasing lean mass, force and EMG activity when compared to other resistance training.

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