Is vascularity genetic?

Vascularity, bodybuilding is the condition of having many highly-visible, prominent and extensively ramified superficial veins. Body builders and fitness enthusiasts often showcase arm muscles with large veins. The surrounding skin tends to be thinner and is partially due to low levels of subcutaneous fat diving out those defines veins and muscles.

But vascularity isn’t a marker of fitness, some people who are extremely fit don’t have pronounced veins, while others can be naturally vascular even without spending their time in the gym.

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How to achieve more prominent veins?

There are various means through which you can achieve prominent veins, such as increasing your muscle mass, reducing body fat, including cardio and a change in your diet.

• Weightlifting causes the muscles to enlarge, which causes the veins to move towards the surface. You can work on strength building exercises by doubling your reps, working with weights and shorter rests between the breaks. Plenty if movements that require you to weights above your head is required.

• Reducing of overall body fat can help as your veins will become more prominent with lesser body fat beneath your skin. Inclusion of cardio is a must while also keeping in mind the diet.

• As mentioned in the above point, inclusion of cardio into your workout routine with building of strength, shedding excess weight and boosting circulation. You should try be active as much as possible even throughout the day, while also including prolonged workouts.

• A calorie deficit diet is recommended along with muscle-building foods such as chicken breast, lean beef, turkey, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, milk, soyabean, chickpeas, etc. Hydration also plays a crucial role, drinking plenty of water and healthy drinks such as herbal teas, coconut water.

Blood flow restriction training (BFRT) is known to increase vascularity allowing to build more strength from lighter loads. Using blood flow restriction cuffs or bands can put more pressure on the arteries and prevent blood from flowing out to your limbs and back to your heart. If possible, try consulting your physician or take the help of a trainer before performing it.

Is genetic responsible for vascularity?

Genetics is an important factor in determining how vascular you are. It is responsible for determining even our layers of epidermis, our hormone level, body fat, height etc. There is also another factor that the more we get older, our skin gets thinner with the loss of collagen. So, vascularity do depend on genes with that being said, some individuals are genetically more blessed than others.

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