Is Water Retention Good or Bad?

When your body fails to throw the extra amount of water out from the body and gets stored in the tissue of the body is call water retention and medically term them Edema. Water retention causes an increase in your weight by getting swollen either the whole body or some particular area or organ.

Increase weight in a short period of time is something not actually good. Water retention or edema might be harmless but once they starting causing problems even a little bit it becomes dangerous. And even though it is not harmless, nobody would like to carry extra weight with their body which may look ugly and discard their confidence.

In short water retention or edema have no good reason for providing good health and therefore it is considered bad and dangerous because water retention or edema occurring in an organ may give heart attack, kidney failure or etc.

Water retention or Edema also makes a person feel low, the malfunction in the body is the reason for water retention.

  1. Changes in blood veins
  2. Bloating
  3. Puffiness
  4. Swelling

These things are definitely not great for any human body. And hence prove that how much retention of water in the body is bad and dangerous. Water retention or Edema is a common disease and can occur because of:-

  1. Diet
  2. Menstrual cycle
  3. Genetic
  4. Sitting for too long or standing for too long
  5. Remaining inactive with body muscles
  6. Sitting in an airplane, the change in pressure leads the body to hold water
  7. Intaking salt or sodium in extra quantity
  8. At the time of pregnancy

Fluid build-up can turn into a life-threatening condition at any time especially if a person having a heart-related or any organ-related problem. Don’t avoid if you feel a puffy face, swollen ankle, or legs and if it is happening again and again get a doctor and let them know the problem you are facing.

Water retention is an extra weight that gets attached to your body. The weight you gain from edema is not your real weight. But that extra weight is capable of doing a lot more dangerous things you can imagine.

The good news is that this weight is not permanent and can be cured in a short time. It is usually not that harmful but retention of water in organs is. Either the body needs to utilize that liquid or throw it out from the body. But the retention of water in the body doesn’t mean one should intake less water, keeping the body hydrated is important. Some preservation can help and protect from Edema. Change in lifestyle and introducing a healthy diet.

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