Isokinetic Exercises- How It Works, Benefits And More

Not many of us have heard of this before. The word isokinetic is made up of two words- iso meaning equal and kinetic meaning speed. When an exercise is performed under constant speed, it comes under the division of isokinetic exercises. They are usually performed with the help of some machines that take care of our speed depending on our muscle strength and capability. Even if we practice a fews reps under constant speed, then it would be counted as an isokinetic exercise.

Isokinetic Exercises

How Isokinetic Exercises Works

They are performed in the presence of some particularized machines. These machines work irrespective of the force applied by us on it. They put a certain ‘resistance’ to the muscles so that they could contract and expand at a fixed speed. This in turn helps in the release of endorphins in our bodies, a special neurotransmitter to relieve pain. This results in a person feeling fresh and active.

Benefits Of Isokinetic Exercises

They are done in a controlled manner. It has its own perks. So, here is a list of some benefits of isokinetic exercises.

  • They have a great role to play in building strong bodies of sportspersons and bodybuilders.
  • These exercises are a prime component of many physiotherapies.
  • They are useful in treating various injuries. 
  • The exercise type helps people in fighting and overcoming obesity. 
  • They increase muscular mass and vigour. 


Everything that benefits you comes with its own risks. Here are a few threats to deal with while doing isokinetic exercises.

  • One could get injured either internally or externally in the beginning.
  • While doing exercises, you cannot change the speed in between according to your own will.

Things To Keep In Mind

Whenever one steps into any new field, they need to keep a few things in mind while doing it. So, here are a few safety ideas to follow while doing isokinetic exercises.

  • Like other exercises, this workout type also needs a warmup. Start by doing some micro exercises or a specialized pre-workout session.
  • Hydrate your body with sufficient water and other fluids.
  • Follow a balanced diet to overcome any kind of weakness.
  • Avoid eating junk and oily foods.
  • Don’t do it without any professional consultation.
  • Don’t take it further if you are experiencing pain more than expected.

Examples Of Isokinetic Exercises

Following are the examples of isokinetic exercises.


Isokinetic Exercises

It ensures that you run with a constant speed throughout the session, no matter how much resistance you exert.

Stationary Cycle

Isokinetic Exercises

It is one of the best examples of isokinetic exercises. Infact, it are easily available in a nearby gym. It keeps a track on the fixed speed already set by the trainer for you and works accordingly.


Isokinetic Exercises

It is a device that measures force, power or moment of force. A hand dynamometer is for measuring and improving muscle strength by keeping the speed constant. It is also a good example of equipment for isokinetic exercises.

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