Jackknife Crunch: Try this new variation.

Getting bored of doing normal crunches? Want better toning and greater strength? Well, here is the slight variation of crunches, known as jackknife crunches.

Read more to find what they are, how to do and what are the benefits.

What is the Jackknife crunch?

Jackknife crunch is a variation of classic crunches and helps to build up the core, obliques, six-pack abs, and stretches hand as well as legs. It also stretches over back. It is an easy variation of jackknife but the most demanding and popular. This exercise has many variations for different age groups people. One can also give try using an exercise ball

How to Jackknife crunch?

Steps to do perform jackknife crunch are as follows-

Jackknife crunch
  1. Lie on the mat or floor and stretch your arms and legs.
  2. Inhale a deep breath and exhale while raising your hands and legs
  3. You must touch the toes of your leg.
  4. Hold the position for 3 to 5 seconds.
  5. Inhale as your hands and legs are in the rest position.
  6. Repeat this exercise ten to twelve times per set and aim to complete 3-4 sets.

Benefits of Jackknife crunches

There are plenty of benefits of this exercise. However, a few of them are as follows:

1. This exercise helps to strengthen the core of the body.
2. It also strengthens the lower as well as upper abdominal regions
3. It helps to burn fat in the abdominal region and helps to get six-pack abs with better cuts.
4. This exercise targets transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, obliques, glutes, and lower back.
5. It increases the body’s flexibility.
6. It also gives V-shape to your body.

Jackknife crunches are a great option to stay fit and toned. However, there are few things to be kept in mind. Pregnant women shouldn’t try this. People with spine disorders should resist trying this.

It is advisable to do this under expert supervision. Read more such blogs on Shoppe Aesthetics.

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