Judging Criteria Of Physique Competitions

It is common that a diversity of competitions take place in the Olympics. Some of them are physique competitions. These are the ones that take place on the basis of body shape, size and related factors. They get judgement on the basis of several conditions. But, what is the judging criteria of physique competitions ?   

judging criteria of physique competitions

There are various categories that fall under physique competitions. For example, they are bodybuilding, figure, models and aerobics. They are judged on the basis of various conditions. For instance, muscularity, figure, shape, balance, etc. fall under the category. So, let’s get into the judging criteria of physique competitions in detail.  

What Is The Judging Criteria Of Physique Competitions ?

The contestants are judged on the basis of a variety of factors. Some of them are as follows:

  • Shape of the body is an important feature of the competition. They see the overall structure. Consequently, they earn points. 
  • Muscle mass is the amount of muscles that is visible from outside of the participant.
  • Symmetry is important because it gives a perfect shape to the body.
  • Stability and balance is a necessity. Also, a perfect proportion of the upper and lower body is crucial to win the competition.
  • Presentation skills are clearly a sign of a confident person. The way you enter and present yourself is all it takes to win.
  • Presence of mind is a must. In addition to that, the way you cover the stage is essential.

Criteria For Different Categories

Bodybuilders have 3 rounds, where they are judged. The first round is an individual free posing routine. The second round is of symmetry. Finally, the third round consists of the compulsory posing.

Models have 2 rounds of judgement. The first round is of an individual stage walking. This is where the confidence of the model is judged. At last, the second round passes judgement based on a group stage walk

Bikini model judgements are purely based on shape, size and proportion. There is a common rule for the models. It says that there should be minute definition through the back, abs and shoulders. The stage attire of the model is usually a two- piece bikini.

Beach model is generally receive judgement on the basis of muscle mass and proportion. They should have a full defined chest, arms and abs. Their stage attire is board shorts.

For Aerobics, the only criterion is their routine. In addition to that, there is no specific clothing style for them. Also, the competitors need to perform their routine. As a result, the best routine gets the prize.


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