Jump Rope: The no-cost way to get bigger calves

Jump rope is a major fitness tool. Popular among children as well as gym enthusiasts. It has incredible weight loss benefits in its own fun way.

There are plenty of benefits that are delivered by these ropes. However, one of the popular claims is that it helps us to get bulkier and toned legs. In this article, we will look into the benefits of jumping ropes and their effects on calves.

Jump Rope: The full-body toner

The jump rope or skipping rope is used as a tool where the participants jump over a rope swung over, passing it over their heads and under their feet. It is quite popular among children as well as athletes for its fun way of excessive calorie burning.

Skipping is known to burn almost 700 to 1200 calories per hour. Almost, similar to riding a bicycle or jogging, it is a high-intensity cardiovascular workout. Many fitness experts recommend jumping rope as a great way to burn excessive fat. It also reduces stress, boosts concentration, and maintains balance.

Jump Rope and Legs

Having toned and bulkier calves is a dream of every fitness enthusiast. There are two ways of training your calves:

1. Resistance Training

Resistance training involves practicing exercise with low intensity at high frequency. Skipping is one of them.

2. Strength Training

Strength training involves building muscles using heavyweights. Weight lifting breaks your muscle and it is during the recovery phase, that they bulk up.

Will skipping make my legs bigger?

jump rope

One of the commonly asked questions is that will skipping make my legs bigger?
Jumping targets the entire muscle group in your lower region, and not specifically any one of them. But however, it includes the calf raise muscle, which is mainly soleus and gastrocnemius muscle.
Jumping might not give you satisfying results in bulking and gaining new muscles. However, it is very effective to tone and define those muscles. It also helps you get rid of the extra fat in your lower region.

Skipping is a great exercise and has many benefits. Apart from calves, it also tones your belly, arms and increases height. Read more about jump ropes and their benefits in this blog.

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