Lactic Acid Threshold Training- Definition And More

Also known as Lactate Threshold Training, it is an intense workout routine. In this, a person needs to exercise fast before the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle fibres happens. When we perform any kind of physical activity, it is important that we take proper rest in between. One of its reasons is to prevent the formation of lactate or lactic acid in the body. Since lactic acid is formed during the anaerobic form of breathing and exercising, it is also known as Anaerobic Threshold Training.

lactic acid threshold training

What Is Lactate Threshold

Lactate Threshold is a stage of workout when there is a rapid formation of lactic acid during exercising. During anaerobic training, lactate is produced and released. When the intensity of exercise increases, the production of lactate also increases. In other words, lactate frequency is the point when one could no longer push themselves to exercise. This is when the high levels of lactic acids cannot be removed. Subsequently, they continue to get collected in the bloodstream.

Types Of Lactic Acid Threshold Training

Lactic acid threshold training is one of the common workout sessions. It has a great role in sports. Following are the types of lactate threshold training.

Aerobic And Anaerobic Training

Aerobic training is where the body uses oxygen to generate energy. Anaerobic training is where our body produces lactic acid as the byproduct. This training occurs in the absence of oxygen. 

Interval Training

This training works on the principle of work-and-rest. In this, the levels of lactic acid increases for the time being and then drops. 

Fartlek Training

It is a combination of both aerobic and anaerobic training. It deals with a constant fluctuation of intensity.

Benefits Of Lactic Acid Threshold Training

Following are the benefits of lactic acid threshold training:

  • It contributes to increasing the overall performance of athletes.
  • This training increases our endurance.
  • Anaerobic training is beneficial in increasing our lactate threshold. 
  • It is helpful in running at a faster pace and with more intensity than before.
  • It is useful in training our body in tolerating acidosis.

Risks Of Lactic Acid Threshold Training

Everything in this world comes with both benefits and risks. Although lactate threshold is practical in so many ways, it has its own risks. Let’s check them out.

  • It becomes unable to remove the lactic acid. It can lead to many problems and severe pain and cramps.
  • There could be an imbalance between the processes of Glycolysis and Mitochondrial respiration.
  • Studies have shown that lactate production could cause Ischemia (low blood flow) in the muscles.


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