So we all are leaving life, a decent life but are we? Waking up in the morning and rushing
for office or school or anything. Whatever life a person is living in his/her lifestyle.

What lifestyle is it?

How a person lives – dictionary definition, so simple to understand. But the question that comes is what life a person should live.

To me lifestyle is living a life, enjoying a life. For you, it could be something else, and for someone again something else is the definition of lifestyle.

Life is like clothes, as everyone has their dressing styles similarly we all have different living styles. We all love designer, branded, fashionable trending clothes similarly we should love organized, preferable, healthy comfort life.

We all know what kind of life we are leaving might be good, but remember good is always an enemy of great, we all want to live a luxurious life, comfortable life, peaceful life and many of us might be leaving it, well how? Because they might be aware of the fact what they really need in their respective life.

Well, it doesn’t mean that a person should live a healthy and great lifestyle when he/she figures out what they need in their life, a person can change their lifestyle from the very next second if wanted to. In the very next second, that person can turn around, pick up an object which was lying on the floor and keep it in its original place, which was ignored by the thought “Leave it”. A small – small changes in our behavior can lead to different lifestyles. A great lifestyle leads to an extraordinary life. Do you know how much our lifestyle affects our personality, thoughts, behavior, our working style, almost everything and therefore a small change can bring big benefits?

What are those chances?

Sleep – Neither less nor extra, we can see both kinds of people, one who sleeps very little and one who can sleep the whole time. And both are harmful to our body and mind. Sleep tight on time.

Breakfast – Always missing, not having time to eat, well it does not harm a person personally but easily harms his/her intestine, and this harm can be personal in the upcoming life of a person. Always have a healthy breakfast in the morning.

Meditation – Most common thing in a person’s life, but not in a lifestyle. Not for thirty minutes but at least for ten to fifteen minutes. Meditation can kill so many unknown and unwanted diseases from the human body.

Hobbies – Not even on weekends got time to follow up with your hobbies, take a day off. Hobbies are something that makes a person happy from the inside, a pace of satisfaction runs through a person’s soul-making that soul heals from the world’s word injuries.

Loving Yourself – Accepting your nose is the first step to love yourself. Loving yourself is very very very very important, one should be aware of his/her worth. Loving yourself acts as platinum jewelry of life. Learn to spare some time for yourself and staying far away from toxic people.

For living a great lifestyle, no huge amount is required to invest, the only thing required to
invest is a person and his/her time. The note is that fashion in clothes and life can comprise
comfort, healthy comfort.

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