Mass Gainers: Are they bad for kidneys?

Mass gainers are the most popular among bodybuilders. For people who want to gain mass, these supplements can be very effective.
But recent researches have bought various side effects of these ‘shake and take’ drinks. This includes serious side effects on kidneys.

What are mass gainers?

mass gainers

Mass gainers are supplements enriched with BCCAs, proteins, creatine, glutamine, and vitamins. A single serving can give you up to 350 to 1200 calories. They are usually consumed by people who have a fast metabolism and need quick and healthy calories.
Mass gainers help in building lean muscle and supplement our nutritional needs. In addition to it, they help us to meet our calorie requirements and are a rich source of vitamins. Overall, it is a blend of all major and micronutrients.

But as they state, mass gainers are not for everyone. It has some side effects depending on each body and metabolism. Gulping up these shakes will not necessarily give health.

Effects of mass gainers on kidneys.

Supplements are not regulated by the FDA (Food and Drugs Association) and hence, the ingredients can prove to be harmful.
Damaged kidneys have difficulty in passing and clearing waste products. Protein is one of them. These mass gainers contain whey protein and creatine in huge amounts and are not advised for existing kidney patients. Whey protein can make your condition worse. Similarly, creatine can lead to renal dysfunction in people suffering from renal problems.
However, these gainers very rarely cause kidney diseases in a healthy body. But there are cases when overconsumption of such gainers can also lead to stones. So, whether you are a kidney patient or not, overdosing on these supplements will prove to be a burden on your kidneys.

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So, what can you do?

As an existing kidney patient, it is advised not to consume protein-rich gainers. On the contrary, it would be better if you see a renal doctor to estimate the state of your kidneys.

Mass gainers

If you don’t suffer from renal diseases, drinking lots of water can help you. Water allows flushing of all protein-concentrated waste and doesn’t burden your kidneys. Also, there are plenty of kidney-friendly mass supplements for those who don’t want to have any such complications.

You can also refer to this guide for a better selection of supplements.

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