Mass Gainers : Worth The Money?

Mass gainers are supplements that help people increase muscle mass. The sole purpose is to help those who struggle with weight gain. Mass gainers consist of extra calories that help gain muscle mass and fats. Weight gain is that much of a struggle as losing weight for some people. People who struggle with weight gain often use such supplements as mass gainers.

Mass gainers are an effective way to increase calorie intake as it is loaded with carbohydrates and protein with limited fat. These mass products help assist weight gain when consumed with nutritious food but can never be a replacement. This is slightly different from protein supplements as mass gainers’ main content along with protein is carbohydrate.  

Mass Gainer Dosage

A scoop can have about 1000-2000 or more calories. One main reason why carbs are high in mass gainer is that it is our primary source of energy. An intense workout leaves your muscles sore therefore recovery is an important process. Carbs aid this recovery process due to the glycogen present in muscles. 

Furthermore, mass gainers get a lot of distaste because they can cause potential digestive issues and allergies. Mass gainers also can contain empty calories as you only gain fat and no particular muscle mass. Claims of increase in weight seem to be appropriate. However, if it is that you can gain muscle mass it can be quite misleading. Mass gainers can consist of allergen components like dairy, casein, etc. that could do more harm than good. Consult a professional before using anything as they can guide you into using what is helpful for you.

Take away

Instead of consuming empty possibly counterproductive supplements, you can always look for easy-to-do, homemade alternatives. Pick up some fruits and berries, a spoon or two of peanut butter, milk, oats, or protein, and mix it up in the blender. This way you have a better nutrient-rich smoothie with about the same amount of calories, much less sugar, and no added preservatives.

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