Mediterranean diet for vegetarians

The Mediterranean diet is a diet inspired by traditional food and eating habits of countries around the Mediterranean Sea like Italy, Greece, and Spain. The Mediterranean diet is associated with cultures and cultures that emphasize health.
This style of eating emphasizes a plant-based diet and some animal-based foods likewise fish, red meat, and processed meat and this is not just about food but their culture which stresses healthful food and lifestyle, social gatherings, physical activities, and little consumption of wine. There are many types of research about the Mediterranean diet which proves it to be one of the healthiest diets. This article is about how to follow a Mediterranean diet for vegetarians.

Benefits of the Mediterranean diet:

1. diet Reduces the risk of heart diseases:

Following a Mediterranean diet can help in reducing the risk of heart disease by 30% as it promotes red wine and not alcohol and consumption of refined bread. Red meat is also a great food to improve heart health however here we are non-discussing about animal food.

2. Helps in weight loss:

The Mediterranean diet involves a bunch of healthy food items like fruits vegetables, whole grains, and protein-rich lentils, and avoid the use of added sugar, which will eventually help with health and weight loss.

3. Increases the lifespan:

It reduces the risk of heart diseases and other chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes. And that is how the Mediterranean diet increases lifespan.

4. Makes a person agile:

This statement means that even you get older you won’t loosen your muscles and keeps you strong.

Mediterranean food items for vegetarians.

1. Legumes:

Legumes like chickpeas and beans are a rich source of protein, reduces cholesterol levels, good for heart health, and also helps in weight loss.

Mediterranean diet

2. Nuts and seeds:

Nuts and seeds are great anti-oxidation, helps in weight loss, prevent anemia, and promote heart health and indigestion problems.

nuts and seed for Mediterranean diet

3. Olive oil:

Olive oil protects against heart disease, is highly rich in monounsaturated fats, maintains cholesterol levels, and improves your cardiovascular system.

4. Green leafy veggies:

Leafy vegetables like kale (rich in lutein to improve eyesight), spinach (filled with magnesium which gives strength to bones), other vegetables provide numerous vitamins, fiber, and minerals.

5. Whole grains:

Whole grains and enriched with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and starch. It reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. It balances the cholesterol level and blood pressure.

6. Fruits:

Fruits are an instant energy source, helps in weight loss, retain healthy skin, keep blood pressure in control, and aid indigestion.

What to eat in a day when you are on a vegetarian Mediterranean diet?

• What to eat for breakfast:

Greek yogurt, oatmeal, fruits, nuts, veggies fried in olive oil or boiled.

• What to eat for lunch:

Whole-grain bread sandwich, whole wheat pizza, salad, and vegetables.

• What to eat for dinner:

Fried in olive oil vegetables, lasagne, feta cheese, quinoa salad.

• For midday munching:

You can eat nuts, berries, fruits, yogurt


This article is about the vegetarian Mediterranean diet. It explained what the Mediterranean diet is and food what its benefits are and what are the food items includes in the Mediterranean diet and what should you eat in a day when you are following a vegetarian Mediterranean diet. To know other things about the Mediterranean diet click here.

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