Meet Jeff Seid: The Youngest IFBB Pro

Founded in 1946, the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness is an international sport governing body. It holds many competitions throughout the world and one of them is IFBB Pro.
IFBB Pro is a very competitive sport and hundreds of bodybuilders from different parts of the world participate in it, with the dream to win. Here, we will meet the youngest IFBB Pro, Jeff Seid, and know about his iconic career.

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Jeff Seid- The Youngest.

Born on 12th June 1994, in Renton, Washington, USA, Jeff Seid was an athletic kid from the very beginning. He was into sports from the age of 5 and realized that physical fitness could be his career. So was the passion of the sport, that he started weightlifting from the age of 11.
He started participating in various competitions from a small age. He was ranked as one of the best wrestlers in the country. His college education was sponsored by sports scholarships.

Jeff Seid

Jeff Seid’s Personal Info and Athletic Statistics

Name: Jeff Seid
Age: 27 years
Nationality: American
Year of Birth: 1994
Profession: Bodybuilder
Birthplace: Renton, Washington DC, USA
Parents: Jerry Seid and Kim Seid
Weight: 95 kgs (210 lbs.)
Height: 6’0 feet (183 cms.)
Arms: 18’
Net Worth: $2 million
Source: Jeff Seid- Bodybuilder & Fitness Model

The Accident

But unfortunately, Jeff underwent an accident where his ACL tore. His dream of a sports career was shattered. And a couple of months later, it was his 2nd time when his ACL got injured again. This made him depressed and he thought his life was over.

Bodybuilding career

After his surgeries, Jeff Seid stumbled across IFBB’s bodybuilding category Men’s Physique. He was constantly training for 6 years and thought of revamping his lost career. So, he started training for it. He competed and won it. Exactly after one year, he competed for nationals and won, making him the youngest IFBB Pro Winner, at an age of 19.

Boost to his career

Winning IFBB Pro and being the youngest ever to do so, made Jeff Seid very popular. He then competed in Mr. Olympia twice. He started his own clothing brand SeidWear and also wrote a book ‘Guide to Aesthetics’. He traveled across the world and is a brand image to many companies.

An inspiration

Jeff Seid is an inspiration to many. On the verge of almost quitting his career, Jeff decided to gather courage and compete in the competitions. He trained himself hard and even after so many hurdles, he became America’s Youngest IFBB Pro Winner.

Connect with Jeff Seid at his Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter

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