Mesomorph: Lose Weight with this Diet

Losing weight is a common goal. We all have suffered from gaining those extra pounds, due to our lifestyle and improper eating habits. However, different body types have different ways of losing weight.
Mesomorph is a common type of somatotype. They are characterized by higher muscle mass than body fat. However, most mesomorphs suffer from being overweight.
So, as a mesomorph what are the ways by which you could get back in shape and also the old jeans in your cupboard? Let’s look into this.

Know more about your body type – Mesomorph

A mesomorph is the human physique type with average muscular development. An extreme mesomorph has the following qualities:


1. Broad muscular shoulders and chest
2. Square shaped head
3. Heavily muscled arms and legs
4. Medium bone structure
5. Gains and loses weight easily.

As the last point highlights, it’s very easy for mesomorphs to gain and lose fat or weight. They have a good response to weight and cardio training.
While losing weight, one has to follow two approaches; Dietary changes and training.

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What is the perfect diet for a mesomorph?

With higher muscle mass, mesomorphs need more calories and thus a balanced diet. A balanced meal plan will include 40 percent carbs, 30 percent proteins, and 30 percent fats.


Proteins: Proteins are essential as they are the fuel and help with muscle repair. So, when you start with your training, protein foods will help you to get lean and even muscular. Foods like eggs, fish, lentils, beans, Greek yogurt, etc. are high in protein content.


Carbohydrates: The main source of energy is carbohydrates for every body type. Choosing fiber-rich carbohydrates and whole grains are good options. Mesomorphs should have mixed carbohydrate choices like vegetables, fruits, whole grains like quinoa, brown rice, and oats.


Fats: The fats, as their name suggests, do not give fat. Healthy fats are essential for the body as they are a source of omega fatty acids. Mesomorphs can go for olive oil, avocados, nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews, and pistachios. Other items include cottage cheese and butter.

With the dietary changes, proper exercise and training are also recommended. One with the aim of losing weight is recommended cardio training. They can also go for HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) or Tabata.

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Mesomorphs have faster metabolism which allows them to shed weight easily. The following diet plan is generic. For better results, you can contact your dietician.

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