Mind-Muscle connection

What is Mind-Muscle Connection?

In simple terms, the mind-muscle connection is an intended muscle contraction. The deliberate focus is in order to create tension between specific muscles or a region. Additionally, known as ‘attentional focus’ – it is simply feeling the muscle’s movements through conscious muscle activation and use. The more you engage the muscle, the more likely it’ll get bigger. Hence, it acts as the difference between active and passive muscle movements.

How to achieve Mind-Muscle Connection?

You use the brain cells to acquire a greater sense of focus on a particular muscle or muscle group. Therefore, this way you can target the exact body part and build strength and increase dexterity in the wanted places. This is an important aspect as over time, you achieve better muscle hypertrophy.

During the exercise, focus your mind on “compressing” the particular muscle. Moreover, the aim is to get undivided attention throughout the lifting process. With aging, bodies, and minds evolve and change. Puzzles and quizzes are an option to improve their strength. The same goes for muscles, constant regulation and challenge are necessary to continue building strength and energy. More importantly, this helps to ward off any illness or sickness preventing.

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Science Behind It

The European Journal of Sports Science conducted an experiment on two groups – Internal and External groups. The external group focused on the overall workout while the internal group’s focus was the target muscle. The experiment proved that those who focused on a particular muscle instead of the lifting process showed increased strength development in the upper body region. Consequently, the opposite was the result for the lower body. The assumption is that it is harder to develop and maintain a mind-muscle connection with the lower body.

The best way to improve lower body mind-muscle connection is through practice. For beginners, initially, it’s advised to focus on their training. Consequently, over time understanding how to develop a focus on lower body muscles. In addition, internal focus builds hypertrophy and strength, similar to the upper body.

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