Modern Diet And Its Impact On Health

You must have heard the popular saying ‘You are what you eat, this is something that holds true even today. In comparison with our parents’ generation, our lifestyle, eating habits and overall thought process have had a monumental shift. Currently, in this lifestyle, we prioritize health the least and don’t understand the consequences it can have on the quality of life. We have adopted a system of consumption where we choose food that is easily available for cheap. The modern diet has long-lasting effects on our mind, body as well as environment. The production of such food adds to the ever-growing problem of pollution. 

Many health problems such as obesity, cardiovascular problems, cholesterol, diabetes, food poisoning, fatty liver, etc. have taken a steady growth among the population, especially in youngsters. Studies show how an unhealthy diet could increase the chances of cancer just as much as drinking alcohol can. According to research done by Tufts University, improper diets cause cancer just as much as alcohol does in the United States. In most cases, we realize the problems only when we fall into a bad state of affairs. Research shows that 35% of adults in Australia’s major energy comes from junk food consumption.

Consequences of Modern Diet:

Consuming high-calorie food with no or minimal exercise can be truly harmful especially with the dawning of your 30’s. This is the period during which you start to age backward. Practicing a well-balanced diet with sufficient carbohydrates, protein and fats are the determining pillars of our life. These three categories of food play a significant role in the carbon build-up of our bodies. However, intake of food is a fundamental activity and a main source of energy. 

Health is literally defined as the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Furthermore, we have one life and one body. It is our duty to live this life in the healthiest way possible. Adopting certain food habits such as reducing intake of refined sugar, eating more plant-based, consuming nutrient-rich whole foods, etc. will improve the quality of life for the many years to come. Health truly is wealth as it increases productivity, happiness and improves wellbeing.

A few things that are important to be a part of your daily routine are a balanced diet, regular exercise, and personal hygiene. You are a reflection of all these things and it is always important to practice them. Educating the current public about health, nutrition, and exercise is key to building a healthier and happier generation.

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