Every other person nowadays, irrespective of age, suffers from what is called a muscle knot. Although a muscle knot does not specifically fall under the category of muscle injury, it still causes minor pain and discomfort. This article will provide you with a brief of what exactly a muscle knot is and how you can prevent them or avoid them.

To begin with, the basics muscles are layers of fibers that are arranged in a stack over one and another. The muscles are elastic and flexible for them to execute their biological functions. Muscle knots are basically a type of injury that is caused due to these muscle layers adhering to each other or fusing together because of the overuse of the muscle fiber, prolonged static positions, or chronic dehydration for that matter. This limits the muscle’s movement and interferes with their function causing the pain and discomfort that one feels. Muscle knots can occur in any of the large muscle groups in your body namely the upper back, neck, hips, or shoulders. Sometimes when a large group of muscles causes a muscle knot it also results in migraines and spasms.

There are however a few ways one can get rid of a muscle knot. Some easy and effective methods are briefed below.

1. Massage: A massage is one of the most effective ways of treating a muscle knot. A massage tends to increase the blood flow in the affected area as a result of which the muscle fibers loosen up relieving the pain.

2. Rollers: Foam rollers can work wonders if used properly. There are chances that it might increase the pain instead of relieving it in case the roller is not used appropriately. Therefore one needs to be sure and trained before using it.

3. Acupuncture: Acupuncture has gained huge popularity in treating heavy and large muscle knots that cannot be treated easily otherwise. The needles are inserted in the knots and gently twisted to cure the affected area.

4. Tui Na: This is a method adopted by Chinese medicines. It feels like a massage however is actually a compilation of various methods that increase the blood circulation and tend to break the layer of muscles fused together that helps in relieving pain.

5. Gua Sha: Gua sha is a tool that helps in loosening the muscles. It is used as a roller and reddens the affected area of the skin when used on it indicating an increase in blood flow. This might sound painful however it is extremely effective since one addresses the affected area directly.

Besides these techniques, normal physical therapy or stretching might also help in reducing the pain and discomfort. One needs to make sure that he maintains a good posture throughout the day while working or exercising to avoid a muscle knot. In case of unbearable pain and severe discomfort, one can directly consult a doctor or physician.


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