Nutrition And Its Effect on Mental Health

The evident connection between food choices and the person’s health has been significantly highlighted over the many years. However, nutrition not only affects our physical health but also affects our mental health. What we eat can determine our levels of energy and mood to a certain extent. The relationship between the food we consume and our mental health is complex but it definitely exists.

According to studies, 10 countries that follow a healthy diet plan are associated with a lower chance of depression. This consisted of vegetables, fish, whole grains, fruits, low-fat dairy, and consumption of meat in small portions While on the other hand a Western-style diet is associated with a significant rise in chances of depression. Such diets are rich in processed and red meat, refined grains and sugars, high-fat dairy products, etc. combined with lesser consumption of vegetables and fruits

Adopting a high nutritious diet however can be tricky, considering how we have to determine what is ‘healthy’ then add it to our diets and then remove things that make us feel ill or dull. We know the obvious like fruits and vegetables are best for us. While high salt, high sugar, and high products are not, however, there is still a gray area. Furthermore, since food and the need for it are never going to disappear we need to ensure how to make the best out of the options. It is our responsibility to optimize it for our bodies and minds to function smoothly.

Conclusion :

To conclude, mental health and the food we eat can be closely associated. Mental Health is a serious thing, sometimes even life-threatening. It makes complex humans like us deal with things that nobody ever talks about. Expectations to learn and evolve on our own are high and to do it in the best way possible. But it is important to keep in mind how there are no quick answers to problems, but everything falls into place with time. Your mental health and wellness need a holistic approach. Hence, practice a balanced diet for both the mind and gut alongside other measures to approach and manage mental health.

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