Obliques Strengthening Exercises without Weights

The obliques, which run along the sides of your core, are important for rotational movements, bending from side to side, and protecting the spine.If you are aiming for a strong core, working on the abs is a smart move. There are many exercise available which is not require any weight and you can do it easily at your home.

Obliques exercises without weights

The Russian twist works on the entire core and has great emphasis on obliques.

How to do:

Sit up with your legs out in front of you, knees bent and your heels on the floor, your back at a 45-degree angle to the floor. Hold both hands in front of your stomach.Keep your back straight and you twist to the right and left.

Bird dog: This move targets the abs and will also test your balance. It also works on lats and glutes.

How to do:

Start on all fours with your hands in line with the shoulders and knees in line with the hips.Inhale, brace your core, and reach your right arm and left leg straight out so they’re both parallel to the ground.Ensure that your lower back stays stable and your hips stay square to the ground.Exhale and return to start. Repeat with the left arm and right leg.

Side Planks: It’s a little bit tiring but has a major impact on the side abs, upper body, shoulder and gluteus medius.

How to do it:

Lie on the ground.Come up onto your hand or forearm, supporting your upper body.Bend the knees at a 45-degree angle and stack the leg on top of the other leg. You can also extend your legs and stack your feet if you have the strength.Your body should form a straight line from either head to knee or head to toe, whichever setup you choose.Keeping the feet touching, use your obliques to pull your hip toward the sky, allowing your arm to rest on your side or extend overhead.Hold here for the desired time, then switch sides.

Side Planks with a reach-under

You have to repeat the same process of side plank in addition to inhaling, and reach your hand down and under the side of your body, adding in that twist.Return the arm overhead, then repeat.It will provide a twisting motion to target those obliques.

Bicycle crunch: This twisting abs move will have great results on your obliques. You can feel that your abs are on fire.

How to do it:

Lie on the ground on your back, bringing the legs to tabletop position.Bend the elbows and place the hands behind your head.Using your core, lift the head, neck, and shoulders off the ground, and bring the right elbow to the left knee, straightening the right leg.Release slightly and twist to the other side, bending your right leg, straightening the left leg, and bringing your left elbow to the right knee.

Wide side crunches: In this exercise not only obliques are targeted but also your legs including quads and glutes.

How to do it:

Take a wide stance with your toes pointed out.Sink into a squat position, and lift your arms out to your sides with the elbows bent at a 90-degree angle.Staying in the squat position, bend at your side, taking your right elbow toward your right knee.Return to center and crunch to the left.

Hip Dips:

Begin in a side elbow plank on your right side with straight legs and your feet stacked.Inhale and lower the pelvis to the floor, so your right hip hovers just off the floor. Exhale and press up through the right waist to lift your pelvis and return to the side plank. Pull your right shoulder blade down your back to stabilize your shoulder. Repeat on the left.

Oblique V crunches

This is an advanced move, so if you are a beginner you can skip this.Lie on the right side, with your left hand behind the head and right hand on the floor.Press down into your right hand as you raise your straight legs off the floor, bringing your torso toward your legs.Lower yourself back to the floor with control. This completes one repitition.

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