A pescatarian diet lies somewhere in between vegan and carnivore. It is a combination of the Italian word “peace” meaning fish and “vegetarian”. It can be defined as a modernized vegetarian diet that includes seafood like fish and lobster, however, excludes all other meat products and animal meat. Although, some pescatarians often include dairy products and eggs in their diet similar to some vegetarians.

The pescatarian diet mainly comprises plant products like whole grains, beans, legumes, and nuts with the addition of fish. As per nutritionists, pescatarians are health-conscious people due to which vegetables and fruits are a dominant portion of their diet with fish being the main source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

A Pescatarian diet is known to have various health benefits including a lower body mass index and blood pressure. Since it is extremely low in saturated fats, a pescatarian diet is known to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and a reduced risk of diabetes. Foods like nuts and salmon which form a major portion of the pescatarian diet are known to increase the amount of HDL or good cholesterol that keeps your heart healthy. And a healthy cardiovascular system is extremely important when it comes to heavy lifting exercises or bodybuilding. Thus helping in improving your bodybuilding training session. Limiting trans fats foods with pescetarianism also improves your metabolic rate helping you to reduce fat stores and enhance muscle strength and build. Studies say that replacing a meat-based diet with a fish-based diet is known To help maintain weight and cut calories. Therefore, many people consider it as a healthy diet option for bodybuilders. The consumption of fish provides you with proteins which are important for muscle building and strengthening required while bodybuilding. Additionally, the omega-3 in fishes promotes good eyesight and brain function.

Any diet rich in protein and including all the other essential nutrients is the most recommended while focussing on bodybuilding. They help the body in maintaining the gained muscle and lost fat simultaneously keeping a check on your regular health. Besides vegetarianism, the pescatarian diet forms a great option or alternative as a healthy body-building diet.


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