Lower back pain is very common nowadays. Teenagers even complain about having pain in
their back. Sitting in one place for the whole day can definitely give back pain. Students have
to stay on their school desk, freshers and salary people are stuck in their employed chair.
The life of people got stuck in one position that made the body got an inactive life. Unless a
person has a gym life. But most of us are lacking in it.
Lower back pain can be more painful than it can imagine. Our back is our supports, which
keeps our spine straight and gives us a beautiful body structure, but the pain in the lower
the back could lead us to walk in awkward or even can force us to stick to our back because of
that pain.
Pilates can be an option to overcome the unwanted pain in the body.

1. Pelvic Curl – The first remedy for any kind of back pain. It is the first pilates
that doctor advice for back pain. This exercise focus on abdominals,
hamstrings, and gluteus maximus.
a. Lie down on the mat keeping your back straight. The upward fold of
your knees.
b. Straight your hands, your palms should be attached to the ground.
c. Inhale
d. Bring a force and uplift your lower back with your buttock for a
millisecond and bring back its ground.
e. Exhale
f. Repeat the step

2. Chest Lift – It is for core and abdominal strength exercises. It contracts and
m expand the back which makes back muscles’ nerves stretch.

a. Lay down on the ground with bend knees and hands behind the back
b. Breath out
c. Try to bring your bended knees and forehead toward your chest, for a
d. Breath in and lay back to the previous position
e. Repeat the steps

3. Supine Spine Twist – It helps in moving side muscles of the waist. The side
rotation stretches the back muscles too.
a. Lie with bend knee, hands open like asking for a hug, wide-open arms
attached to the floor.

b. Exhale
c. Lift your leg from the knee in the air, knee moving towards the chest,
making L-shape and ankle should be pointed towards out.
d. Inhale
e. Slowly – Slowly rotate the knee in the air at left and right

4. Child pose – It helps in toning your arms muscles and abdominal including
thigh muscles.
a. Sit on your knees, in simple kneeling down.
b. Toes should be open
c. Maintain the distance between both knees
d. Lean forward stretching your arms to their fullest
e. Breath deeply and relax
f. Stay in the same pose for few seconds


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