Arthritis can not be exactly termed as an illness or disease. It is a condition of inflammation of the skeletal joints either a single joint in particular or multiple joints. There can various subclasses of arthritis differing in their cause and treatment. The two most familiar or frequent of them are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Although, arthritis is generally observed in senior citizens or adults over 65 in age, taking into consideration today’s unhealthy lifestyle it has also become common in younger adults and teenagers.

Since it is not a rather serious problem, arthritis can be cured when treated timely. Lately, many doctors have started suggesting the adoption of physical activities to patients suffering from arthritis. This is because studies have shown the link between Pilates and yoga and improved spinal problems. Studies show that people suffering from Arthritis have shown significant improvement in their condition following the two physical activities. However, the question is which of the two is more effective for treating arthritis.

There are no special subdivisions in both exercises specially designated to arthritis and both are followed similarly like during regular training. The stretching and strengthening of the lower back during these activities are what prove beneficial for both arthritis treatment, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Since both Pilates and yoga put less pressure on your joints they allow arthritis sufferers to regulate their movements without causing pain.

Both of them work by using the bodyweight to elongate and strengthen the muscles without bothering the joints. On one hand, yoga additionally improves your flexibility around the joints while Pilates strengthens the joints. So in real-time both the exercises cannot be compared as both the properties are required by the body in case of arthritis. However, if one is a beginner, gentle yoga poses are generally recommended to start with for pain relief. By adopting Pilates you focus more on training your core and working on your balance.

A blend of the two is what works wonders for people suffering from arthritis. One can start easy with yoga and gradually inculcate Pilates as well. However, the person should make sure he does not overburden the lower area of the body while training.


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