Recently a lot of people are struggling with major back problems including chronic lower back pain. Various medical treatments exits for relieving such chronic pain problems, however in the long run therapeutic exercises have proven more beneficial regarding decreased pain and improved back function. Studies also suggest that a patient suffering from back pain is often advised
physical exercises in contrast to medical treatments.

Few such non-traditional physical activities like yoga and Pilates have gained huge popularity among people as two major body and mind affecting exercises beneficial for lower back pain as well. They both take in consideration the physical and mental aspect of the pain and improves overall strength and flexibility of the body. Yoga is a type of mind and body exercise that focuses on your body posture and breathing and significantly improves your mental and physical health. Originally discovered India, it has become immensely popular around the globe. On the other hand, Pilates is another mind body exercise focused more on your movements alongside breathing and posture. It was originally introduced as a dance form, but is now also known to be a popular form of exercise.

Both the forms do not differ much in their practice and are equally effective. For many people Pilates is the ultimate recovery tool for back pain. However, some people did not observed desired results following the same routine. Many researches stated that Pilates is far more effective and superior than any other form of exercise to cure chronic back pain. However, same is the scenarios with yoga. A variety of journals have published yoga as the cure for a comparatively long term treatment. People suffering from severe back problems like Arthritis or rheumatoid or lower back pain are often advised to do yoga as a part of their regular routine. Majority of them have experienced an improved body function and reduced pain. To state in general, Pilates have found to be more relevant for back pain according to many researchers and doctors. Pilates focuses on the development of your spine and strength of your back in order to protect it from injuries. Although yoga improves the flexibility of spine, a wrong posture hold can result in aggravating pain. A strengthened spine is viewed as the way to go in order to prevent any physical injuries or lower back muscle pain. Therefore, Pilates is the suggested over yoga depending on the type of pain and injury of the individual. The goal is to strengthen your spine following whatever exercise one wants to follow.

It depends on the individual which path he is more comfortable taking in his journey of treating back pain. Yoga provides with a more calm and spiritual path to healing, whereas Pilates is more physical work. Although, many people are now seem to be trying a combination of the two for faster and effective results.


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