Protein Bars Or Protein Shake- Which One Is Better ?

Protein bars or Protein shake, both are the best ways to get protein from an external source. Both have gained a lot of popularity among the gym trainers and trainees. Undoubtedly, they are the favourites of people who are bodybuilding or are athletes. These are good man-made sources of protein. But which one is better ? 

protein bars or protein shake

Whether protein bars or protein shake, both are good for health. They play a crucial role in the fitness industry. A protein shake is more of a supplement, while a protein bar is usually like a snack to much on. Also, protein powders are generally mixed with lukewarm distilled water, milk or as an additive in gravies. Whereas, protein bars are for eating as it is. Besides, protein bars are effective as they are. 

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Protein Bars Or Protein Shake- What Are The Similarities ?  

Since they both are the sources of protein, they tend to have a lot of similarities. Let us have a look at them.

  • Firstly, they both are external sources of protein.
  • They are post-workout soodstuffs. 
  • Both of them work only when one does an intense workout.
  • They both contain some amount of calories and artificial sweeteners.

Protein Bars Or Protein Shake- Which Is Better ?

There are many differences between protein bars and protein shakes. They both differ in various factors. For instance, nutritional value, sugar content, protein amount, etc. determine the differences between them. However, they are nearly similar in prices. Hence, let us look at what is better.

  • Sometimes, protein bars contain more sugar than protein shakes. While gymming and bodybuilding, it is advised not to have junk food. But have you ever wondered how much artificial sweeteners we intake because of these protein bars ? In the name of health, they have high sugar content. Thus, look for protein bars in the market with low or negligible sugar quantity. 
protein bars or protein shake
  • Quantity of macronutrients in protein shakes is less than that of protein bars. Generally, shakes have less nutritional value than protein bars. However, shakes provide less calories and carb count than protein bars. Furthermore, protein bars have high fibre quantity.
  • It could be dangerous if protein bars are eaten everyday. Protein shakes are somehow good for health. On the contrary, protein bars are not completely healthy. Additionally, they fall under the category of junk food. Because of their high sugar and calorie content, they should not be eaten on a daily basis.


Whether it’s about protein bars or protein shake, both have equal effects on the body. Where the former is dangerous in one case, the latter may be harmful in another. So, choose your supplement or snack wisely before having it.

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