Russian Twist: Know all about it

Trying out different exercises to tone your body and core? Well. Why not try the Russian Twist. Here is the blog that explains what are they, how to do the twists, and the benefits.

What are Russian Twists?

Russian twist, an exercise to tone your core, shoulder as well as abdominal regions. This exercise is very popular among athletes because of its rotation movement. The exercise may look simple but needs more strength in order to perform it. It mainly targets the core muscles such as obliques, abs, and lats.

How to do a Russian twist?

Russian Twist
  1. Firmly sit on the mat. Sightly bend the knees upwards and slightly lift your foot. The heel should be around a foot away from the butt.
  2. Now lean your back to 45-degree to the floor. Sit straight don’t curve your back.
  3. Link your hand in front of your chest. Stretch or brace your core and rotate to one side. Do the same but in another direction.
  4. Count it a rep and perform 2 to 3 sets of 8 to 12 rep in each.

Benefits of Russian twist

  1. The Russian twist is a great calorie burner exercise for those people who are tired of their side fat.
  2. This exercise is best for building core muscles and engages all core muscles in it and strengthens them.
  3. This exercise helps in decreasing belly fat.
  4. It also increases the deepness of the cuts of six-pack abs.
  5. It reduces the risk of heart attack and strokes but using up the fat of the abdominal region.
  6. It also promotes a good body posture.
  7. It gives good shape to the body.
  8. It also improves body balance.

So, this was an overview of how the exercise was. Do let us know in the comment boxes, your experiences with Russian Twist.

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