Shocking Benefits Of Eating Alkaline Foods During Bodybuilding

Indeed, there are benefits of eating alkaline foods during bodybuilding. Alkaline foods are the ones with a high pH. The acidity and basicity of any substance is measured by a pH scale. The 1-14 numbers rank its concentration. When the foods are acidic, they rank below 7. Whereas when a matter ranks above 7, then it is a base

This is the basic science that we have studied in Class 8th. But have you ever thought that this would play a role in bodybuilding ? Well, absolutely never gave it a thought. However, the nature of foods has a major impact on our muscle building. It is important to know the nature of foods before eating them. This is because who knows, it might help you get your dream body shape !

Our body stays in an overall neutral state. Here, neutral means neither acidic nor basic. When we exercise, our muscles undergo constant contraction and relaxation. When we reach our lactic threshold frequency, our body can no longer exercise. Thus, exercising beyond that produces lactic acid as the byproduct. This acid when accumulated in the bloodstream might cause serious injuries and muscle cramps.

Not only lactic acid, but our body also produces other acids at different points of time. For instance, acidic foodstuffs, short breathing and many other factors can cause acid triggers. In order to nullify the action of an acid, a base is important. Infact, a base can only cut the negative effects of an acid. Thus, here are some benefits of eating alkaline foods during bodybuilding.

Benefits Of Eating Alkaline Foods During Bodybuilding

You must be remembering the incident that whenever you suffer from an acidity issue, your mother would give you an antacid to cure it. Infact, the stomach cools down after that. Well, the antacid is nothing else but a base. For every acid out there, there exists a base to nullify its effects. However, this concept has a great importance in the field of bodybuilding. Let’s find out how this happens.

Eating the right alkaline foods can stop the acid triggered during workout. Magnesium (Mg) is the most important element for our body. Surprisingly, it is a basic element to basic foods. Increasing the Mg levels in your body can neutralize your muscle cells. Eating a good variety of basic foods is important during muscle building. For instance, leafy greens, nuts, citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons are important for bodybuilding.

SOURCES: Breaking Muscle

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