Side Effects Of Taking too Much Salt And Sugar

Salt and sugar can be harmful to health and in this article, you will read about the adverse effects of salt and sugar.

The salt we eat on daily basis mostly comes from seawater or deep earth. Seawater is shifted to a pond connected by artificial canals. The pond fills with water and is evaporated by natural process. Therefore, water slowly fades away and leaves the salt to be acquired.
Our body needs at least 5 grams of salt consumption in a day Eating salt has some Heath benefits like preventing low blood pressure, keeps your body hydrated, and make the thyroid function properly. However, it can also be harmful at some point if consumed excessively. Let’s check the side effects of Salt.

Adverse effects of Salt

It may cause high blood pressure

Some studies say that salty diets raise blood pressure and that lowering the salt content of a person’s diet can help lower their blood pressure levels

It causes bloating

Eating salt may cause more bloating. It occurs because your kidneys maintain a particular ratio of salt and water in your body. And, for that reason, they hold on to excess water to repay for the extra salt you intake.

Worsen the menstrual cycle

Salt consumption can make your periods worse because intake of food that comprises a high amount of salt can cause bloating and water retention in your body. Stay away from salty foods like chips and French fries.

sugars that come from nature in fruits and milk. These sugars are called complex carbohydrates that give you nutrition and help regulate blood sugar levels.
Refined white sugar, brown sugar, honey, and syrups which are used to add to food are called simple carbohydrates that provide very insufficient nutritional value and also can cause spikes in blood glucose levels. An average person can eat Sugar 10 percent of their daily calorie consumption. If it is eaten excessively it can cause some side effects.

Side effects of Sugar:

Sugar makes your organs fat

A diet rich in sugar can activates your liver to reserve fat, which will make your liver fat and can promote non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

It may cause heart disease

high insulin levels make the muscle cells around each blood vessel in your arteries grow faster than normal. Therefore, it can lead to high blood pressure.

It can mess with cholesterol levels

Some studies indicate that people who consume a high level of added or refined sugars are also reported to have more unhealthy cholesterol and less healthy cholesterol levels.


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