Debacle of missing a Workout…..

We are humans and thus missing a day of workout doesn’t seem a dream far away. That’s because we go ahead and do it. We can miss a workout due to various reasons. Some common ones are being on vacation, restlessness, having a tight schedule and being injured, etc. We can make gains even after missing a day of workouts.

The listed reasons make us extremely prone to missing our workouts. A day of missing workouts remains unharmed to us but extending that to more than a week is something we need to remain cautious about.

For fitness freaks, getting a day off is straining and they just can’t do it! Only a prior hectic schedule can keep them off their feet from the gym.

These are some tips to maintain and make your gains when missing a workout:

1) Stop the blame game:

Realize that a couple of missed workouts make little difference. They won’t stop your progress. Small setbacks have little impact on the big picture anyways.
Expect you’ll eventually fail and have bad days. It’s part of the process and everybody has those days. Try to be consistent most of the time.

2)Move your skipped workout :

Shift the workout day you skipped to the next convenient gap in your schedule. You eventually lose nothing this way. Also, your weekly training volume remains unchanged.

3)Ignore the missed workout and proceed with your tasks as usual:

This is a useful strategy if you want to keep training on days fixed during the same days of the week. It is a less optimal approach, but it won’t mess up your schedule.

4) Consume Creatine to make gains:

Creatine is a mode of providing fuel for muscles. It has shown to be a solid option for how to maintain muscle strength and size when you’re injured. This will help in the faster recovery of muscles and would help you stepping in faster in the gym. This is found in abundance in red meat.

5) Maintain Your Calorie Intake to maintain gains:

Weight loss of any kind occurs from decreased calorie intake. And on the other side, eating too much while inactive can lead to excess fat gain. So one of the most crucial approaches to keeping your gains and maintaining your body composition is getting the right amount of calories each day.
When you’re inactive, excess carbs are just like excess of any kind of calories but are stored as fat which is harmful to the body.

6) Use Your Muscles:

Heavy lifting can support muscle strength but isn’t required to build muscle. All that needs to be done is using them on a consistent basis.
Including any type of strength training or resistance training (bodyweight movements, exercise bands, etc.), even if only a few times a week, can help protect your lean mass. Incorporate them in any home workouts when not hitting the gym.

7) Eat Plenty of Protein:

Muscles are made up of protein. If your body isn’t getting enough protein through diet, the muscles are some of the first places your body will steal protein from. This occurs in order to support your nutrition needs. So, making sure you’re eating a high protein diet is crucial.

Higher protein intake can help maintain your muscle in a calorie deficit, while you lose body fat instead. Sometimes, you can actually build muscle and lose fat at the same time.


Making gains after missing a day of workouts can be overlooked. On the contrary of it is not being on a daily routine. Follow the mentioned steps to make the most of skipping workouts.

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