South Beach Diet: A ketogenic diet?

There are plenty of diets available according to one’s needs and resources. One of them is the South Beach diet.

South beach diet is a low-carb diet which is popular for more than a decade around the globe. However, some of them claim that the diet uses ketosis or resembles a ketogenic diet.

What is the South Beach diet?

Dr. Arthur, a Florida-based cardiologist wanted to create a diet that was compatible with overweight and diabetic people who also had the risk of heart diseases. Therefore, he developed this diet which is very low in glycaemic carbs and has lean proteins and healthy fats. He tested this diet on himself and then on his patients who reported a reduction in weight it and belly fat.

The diet focuses on consuming low carbs which are healthy for the heart. Usually, it has three phases: two of them devoted to weight loss and one for weight maintenance.

What are the three phases of the South Beach diet?

Phase 1

Phase 1 lasts for 14 days it is considered one of the strictest phases. There is a strict limit to higher carb foods and instead of these one has to consume lean proteins healthy fats and non-starchy vegetables.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is a little less strict than phase 1. In addition to all the foods consumed in phase 1, one can also consume whole grains fruits, and selected alcohol.

Phase 3

Once you have reached your desired weight, phase 3 aims to maintain that. Following the guidelines of the above two phases, one should now get into their lifestyle and can have occasional treats. However, one should keep their weight in check.

How does the South beach diet put you in Ketosis?

There are a lot of similarities between the South Beach and keto-friendly diets. Ketogenic diets include very few carbs and have the goal to use fat as energy instead of carbohydrates or proteins. The first phase of the South Beach indeed resembles the ketogenic diet since it focuses more on lean proteins low carbs and healthy fats. However, it does not pull you out as fast as the ketogenic diet from the process of ketosis.

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There are plenty of diet plans which involve the process of being keto-friendly. One of them is the South Beach keto-friendly plan. However, not much research is available in this field and purse requires the advice of an expert dietitian.

What are the benefits of the South Beach diet?

So, if you are someone who doesn’t want to get into ketosis but wants a light version of it, the South Beach diet can be your preference. It has many benefits which are as follows:

south beach diet

1. It is very simple and easy to follow unlike other complex diets
2. It is very low in unsaturated fats and recommends heart-healthy unsaturated fats
3. It discourages eating junk food
4. Promotes easy weight loss
5. It is far more balanced than other diets like the Atkins diet

A south beach diet is a good option as a weight loss technique full stop but we recommend you to get in touch with your dietitian for better recommendations and advice according to your body type and metabolism. Let us know in your comment the questions and we would like to help you out.

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