The lockdown made most people miss the gym like never before. Covid-19 made many people bring their gym equipment at home to get the best experience while they still can. Including the dumbbells and weights, many spin workout enthusiasts ended up bringing a spin bike for themselves. Although nothing feels like biking on the smooth road on tires, however, due to the current situation many people got limited to spinning classes at home.

Home spin workouts are not as bad as they may seem. They are much more consistent and available despite the weather conditions. One can consider it as a smarter way of biking. Home-spin bikes are rather expensive so if one is planning on using them efficiently, only then he should make such an investment. Additionally, many bikes now come with paid surplus subscriptions of online community classes which you can join while at home.

When starting with the home-bikes, make sure your body is set and determined to workout. You need to adjust all the settings of the home bike including the seat height and handles. To get the maximum benefit of the spin workout your body postures need to be intact during the whole session. Many instructors recommend you to start with three different positions. The first one is to be seated with your hands placed on the handlebars. The second one is to stand upright, also referred to as the “running” position with the hands resting lightly on the bar. The third position is called the standing sprint, which involves standing out of the saddle and hands placed on the ends of the bars.

Spinning class has many benefits similar to other forms of aerobics that include improved brain and heart health. Besides these, it can be considered as a low-impact cardio workout due to the same benefits as that of cardio training, which can be followed in case you are planning on skipping the high-intensity cardio exercises. Since spin workouts are not high impact or involve heavy training they are suitable for all levels of exercisers, whether a beginner or a professional. It also helps you build muscle strength and is extremely effective for the lower body. Spinning workout especially targets areas like glutes, quads, or calves since it involves a lot of leg work. Like any other exercise, you can increase the intensity as per your comfort level by turning up the resistance factor. The added resistance makes your work harder and stronger. However, an interval of 2-3 minutes of also recommended by trainers even if you’re taking a spinning class at home. It is important to take enough rest and do not overdo it even if you are training at home.


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