Losing weight is simple, but not easy. I say simply because it’s an uncomplicated idea, however, the process is much more complex. It requires a great deal of perseverance and consistency to achieve the results we desire. However, the motivation for weight loss should never be to win the approval of society. Rather, if you just envision a healthier and happier you, you’ll be motivated to lose weight. Additionally, some options, like minerals for weight loss, exist that can assist weight loss.

You won’t lose more weight by starving yourself, exercising excessively, or popping pills, or you might lose weight temporarily only to gain it all back and be left with even unhealthier habits than before. However, pills or supplements can boost metabolism and may be effective in weight loss. 

Let me let you in on a little secret: regardless of what people say, eating fewer calories than your burn is the only way to lose weight. A well-balanced diet based on whole foods does most of the work for you; however, any deficiencies can be compensated with the help of supplements. Therefore, calorie deficit along with weight training, undisturbed sleep, and stress management has proven to show massive improvement in the quality of life.

The most essential minerals are for weight loss are as follow :

According to Healthline and Tribune :

  1. Vitamin B – This helps in boosting metabolism and breaks down carbohydrates, protein and fats more effectively. Vitamin B converts carbs and protein into energy. A few Vitamin B dense foods are chicken and red meat, cheese, egg, leafy greens, seafood etc. 
  2. Vitamin C – It is a vital nutrient that not only benefits the skin and organs, but breaks down fat, significantly boosting the individuals metabolism. Citrusy fruits and vegetables like cauliflower, brussels sprouts and broccoli are few examples. 
  3. Calcium – According to PubMed Central, calcium in combination with Vitamin D can aid weight loss. Low – fat dairy items can help tackle obesity. Soy products, fish with bones, dark green leafy vegetables, nuts etc. 
  4. Iron – It is necessary for the body to have adequate levels of iron to support healthy development and boost metabolism. Iron provides oxygen to cells, and oxygen in turn fuels the muscles in the body. Low oxygen levels hinder the conversion of fat to fuel, which in turn hinders weight loss. A couple of iron dense foods are quinoa, red meat, leafy vegetables, shellfish, beans etc. 
  5. Magnesium –   The absence or deficiency in magnesium prevents the required chemical reactions to produce energy. Which inturn would hinder the metabolism of the individual. Legumes, nuts, avocado, tofu etc.

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