Stay In Shape At Your Desk Job

This article discusses why it’s important to be active at your desk job. We discuss a few ways you can stay in shape at your job.

Let’s get real for a second. You are probably seated at a desk or a table for a significant amount of time. Especially considering how the entire world has turned virtual now. Including more physical exercise into your daily routine is now extremely important for our wellbeing. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the fact that health comes first. 

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The phrase “sitting is the new smoking” has been more real. You need to counteract the effect of what all this sitting does to your body. Working out a few times a week is an incredible thing. Furthermore, there are some specific practices or stretches you can carry out to further lessen the damage. 

Maintaining small practices can improve your productivity, make you feel less sluggish, better concentration, this is all in addition to actually having to sit through physical pain. Studies show that those who lead sedentary lives or sit for most of their time are prone to chronic illness. 

Here are a few ways you can stay in shape :

  1. Stand and sit – Alternate between sitting and standing. A stand desk up can be very helpful. It is adjustable and helps your work while standing upright. This improves posture, promotes blood flow and is much healthier than sitting for  hours on end. While purchasing just ensure that it is adjustable in order to make your work process as smooth as possible. And you don’t have to stand for the whole while, alternating between sitting and standing can be of real help. Another alternative is to use an exercise ball. 
Best standing desk 2021: Affordable, electric options | The Independent
  1. Take breaks – Be it for lunch, coffee or the washroom, make sure to incorporate rest periods. And if you are in the habit of skipping these breaks, you most definitely are harming yourself in the long run. Make sure you take mini breaks every 1 or 2 hours. This way your body gets movement and even provides you with a little time off. 
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  1. Utilize time outside of work – Yes, work is hectic. Yes, work is always there. But making a little time for yourself is very essential. This helps your body recharge and relax. Additionally, it improves your mental and physical health. Incorporate workouts, walks, meals, family time, etc. Plan your day in advance. Even if you are unable to go to the gym, go for a 15 minute walk.
  1. Stretch – Stretch is Christmas for your body, just that you don’t have to wait all year long. Rotate your neck, touch your toes, skip rope, jumping jacks, even a plank – anything to get your body moving from sitting for hours on end. It just takes a few intended movements to get your blood flowing. 
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