There are quite a few challenges when it comes to staying fit while traveling. However, you have to adjust yourself according to the surroundings, give up your comfortable routine, dine on some healthy food options and stay cautious. Taking some simple steps to ensure fitness during travels would increase your mindfulness and help you in enjoying your trips to the fullest. Here are some very effective tips that you must follow during your trips:

Eat Healthy Meals:

You can have healthier options by –

  • Pack and snack options such as unsalted dried fruits, granola bars, mix of nutrient rich seeds, gluten free crackers and digestive cookies. You can have these whenever you feel like snacking on something.
  • While eating outside food in a restaurant or on a street or anywhere for that matter, choose for grilled, steamed or baked food options.
  • Instead of having carbonated, fizzy drinks, opt for fresh fruit juice, lemonade or shakes.
  • If you are craving for a fried food option on the menu, order it as a side in a small portion. But, along with it have a healthy food option such as a salad bowl or grilled vegetables.

Practice Simple Yoga Exercises Everyday:

In your everyday routine even while you are traveling, you must take some time out and do yoga. You can easily practice yoga poses (asanas) anywhere like your hotel room, terrace garden, hotel lawn, or a yoga retreat if your hotel offers one. The video below shows some easy and quick yoga routines –


It has many benefits, including:

  • Reduces stress
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Keeps you mindful, brings inner peace
  • Fills you with positive energy

Stay Hydrated:

Drinking water and staying hydrated is so vital for everyone. Carry your refillable water bottles with yourself. Drinks like caffeine, alcohol, and salted nuts might cause dehydration which may lead to tiredness, headaches, fatigue, and constipation. Hence, you must avoid them. Also, to keep yourself hydrated, you can have some fresh fruits, drink coconut water and fresh juices.

Put On Light Weight Sneakers:

Unless you are not going out for something too fancy or luxurious, you should always put on lightweight sneakers. For doing walking tours, hiking, or cycling on the trails, they are very comfortable. Your feet will not pain and you are safe from shoe bites.

Avoid Stress, Stay Happy:

There is a possibility that dealing with stress or anxiety while you are traveling may lead to insomnia and digestive distress. No matter how much nutrient-rich, healthy food you are having or staying active and exercising, stress tends to suppress your immune system making you feel weak and low during your trip.

Go On Walking Tours:

One of the best ways of exploring a new place is by going on walking tours. You get to know more about the people, the culture, discovering the hidden gems, and trying out the local delicacies. Walk to the places as much as possible. However, make sure that you don’t overdo it.

Pack Easy To Carry Work Out Essentials :

If you carry some easy-to-pack workout essentials while you are traveling, you may get motivated to do some exercises every day. You might be able to find some free time in between your day trips when you would want to energize yourself or may feel like burning out some calories.

Sleep Well:

With a new place and a new time zone, it is not necessary that you will always get a good night’s sleep. You may feel uneasy on the bed and may also face insomnia. Here are some of these tips to make sure you get a good night sleep –

  • Reduce the intake of caffeine during the day and as far as possible don’t have cafe drinks few hours before your bed time.
  • Follow your normal sleep routine, if possible.
  • At least 30 minutes before bed time, limit the use of electronics such as TV, cell phones and laptops.
  • Use a good sleep mask to block light.
  • Practice deep breathing for 5 minutes before your bed time. Simple yoga stretches can also relax you and help you fall asleep.

Keep Yourself Active:

Staying active does not necessarily mean you have to follow your fitness regime, looking out for gyms, and doing exercises. There are many other fun activities you can do like swimming, kayaking, walking, skiing, fishing, going on a bike tour, and hiking. These activities will help you in striking a balance between staying active and feeling restful by the end of the day.

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